Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Vday Suckaz

Didn't watch the Grammy's cause I don't give a fu*k about them and knew I'd be upset when Eminem won.

Update on the Bros:

1.) C4 and I are working on trying to get a Job Blogging for and HiphopDx.

2.) I'm getting my Brainiac Society Neck Tat next monday, and hopefully can get Dezo from the Rockmob to film it, just so yall know I keep it G and don't cry and shit. Aslo, visit , the Site where we also Blog, run by our Big Homie Naledge aka Mr. Brain. (Pause) from Kidz in the Hall. P.S. they've got a dope song out with Nina Sky today...I linked it on the Nappyheadedbros twitter.

3. The most important update. I'm finally breaking down and buying a laptop...meaning by this weekend, I will begin working on the two books I've story-boarded out. This is gonna be grand.

Why is this relevent?

Because it's Vday, and I love you all. The readers.

That's my way of giving back.

Tako: Free Books...

Show: Hell no....but I'll give them a discount. LOL.


tell em y u mad said...

kids in da hall are wack get off they nuts

Rock said...

Shut up Chain, and go listen to some Nas. Tryin to be anynomus and shit.