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Crack isn't what it used to be: A sociological Analysis

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Now to unintentionally offend more people...

Crack isn't what it used to be: A sociological Analysis

According to the Justice Department,the catalyst for the crack epidemic was introduced as the price of Cocaine from Bahama distributors dropped by as much as 80 percent. Faced with dropping prices, drug dealers developed a cheap, smokeable form of cocaine which was highly profitable as a result of its ease of manufacture and high degree of purity. Crack was born.

What followed was a 15 year downward spiral of degeneration of cities, communities, and families. Due to lack of education of the dangers, the less affluent neighborhoods, many of which housed primarily African-Americans and other minorities, were hit particularly hard. Blacks because quickly addicted and their communities infiltrated with gangs,chemical dependence, child neglect, and drug related violence. A real life Resident Evil was played out on American streets where once successful workers turned to AIDS infected, needle sharing zombies, prostituting themselves and small children for a hit of that freebase cocaine glass dick.

No, the 1980's crack epidemic wasn't the white man, nor the Colombian Cartels fault. It was a combination of factors including poverty and lack of education.

The Crack epidemic of the 2000's, however...can be blamed on "the man," or corporate-capitalism, take your pick.

Everest College: 2007

In 2007, Corinthian Colleges, the for profit entity which owns Everest, completed the process of unifying all its schools under one umbrella. While most of the Everest Colleges are regionally or Nationally accredited, most credits do not transfer to other schools and many have been placed on academic probation for misrepresentation of placement statistics, fraud and false statements about courses and accreditation.

As of 2010 Department of Education statistics indicated that Everest College graduates had the highest default rate of any school in California for students entering repayment in 2010, and the fifth highest rate in Arizona.

What does this have to do with the crack epidemic in the 1980's , might you ask? Everything! Look at the similarities.

Taking advantage of underclass, less affluent, predominantly minority populations...destroying communities...

Tako: Well how does, getting an education destroy communities...?

Show: In the same way that one person smoking crack destroys a family. Check it.

By over saturating the market with non-traditional, for-profit colleges like Sanford Brown, Branford Hall, Everest, etc. Corporate America is charging a price premium for lower quality, often un-accredited education. Add these high loan rates to an uneducated populous who think's they're doing the right thing by "going to school" to better themselves, and you have a recipe for disaster.

You only see these commercials on the "Black TV Stations" like BET, TV One or the CW. They play these commercials more than Juice, Soul Plane and re-runs of "The Game." They play them during the Maury show on commercial breaks. Someone trying to do the right thing, often uneducated about the college process and already poor has now fallen victim to the practice of predatory lending...only its a "college" rather than a credit card debt.

Children see a plethora of CNA's and aspire to be nothing more.

Adults hear promises of "Nurses in the healthcare field make upwards to 70,000 a year" without the disclaimer that "Nurses have to go through 4 years of nursing school...not a 12 month training program at will most likely be a home visitor making 10.00 an hour, if you can even secure a job." Now I'm not knocking yall, I'm knocking the system...still if you don't like it, eat an AIDS Dick.

Add this to the highest loan default rates in the country and you have downward spirals of horrendous credit, home foreclosure and all of the sociological (not physical) effects of crack.

And why...why do we as Ivy league graduates and holder's of Masters degree's give a fuck? Because unlike crack, which we know is bad...this is being portrayed as something good, or better yet great. Taking advantage of the age old saying that education is the best way to make something of yourself and using it for deception and financial gain.

It's fucked up...and its technically legal.


Crack is Whack.

R.I.P. Kieth Haring.



La Rubia said...

So true! What a thoughtful analysis...not too long ago an engineer friend of mine said something similar, trying to get some more training for his draftsmen looked into paying for them to take a class through Branford Hall and found it ridiculously overpriced and not nearly as cohesive as what the accredited university offered for the same "course." Yet couldn't do the university, though cheaper, because the classes many of them had already taken through Branford Hall, and the like, did not transfer and would have had to be "retaken" to satisfy the pre-requisites for the course he wanted them to take. People, spend the time, fill out an FAFSA and aspire for more than the quick expensive fix that will leave you f***ed in the end. Comparing it to crack...very smart.

What the hell, I'll follow you... you're funny enough that I can overlook the occaisional miss. You got it right this time...

Akere said... Puttin this on the FB so West Coast, PA can learn.

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