Monday, January 3, 2011

WJA3's (Not Showrock's) Top Songs of 2010

Happy New Year MF'er's. What better way to start it off than with a Blog by the most illusive, 3rd Nappyheadedbro WJA3 the B.L.-OG.

I know you all look at this blog as the figurative petroleum which fuels your very existence so, that being said, we try not only to make you laugh, but also to make you cognisant of things you may have otherwise ignored. This being said, here's WJA3's list of 2010's top 10 songs, half of which I've never even heard. LOL. Oh well, Stay tuned for Show's Ignorantly awesome top 10 songs of 2010. I'm sure me and WJA3 will disagree.

WJA3's Top Songs of 2010

I was really feeling Kanye West this year pause as you will see by my list.

10) LMFAO & Lil Jon - Shots

For my money, this was the best ignorant song of the year. Yes, even better than Hard in the Paint & the Big Meech song. My reasoning is that a year from now, we'll be tired of the Big Meech song & our ears will hurt at even the thought at Wacka Flocka. However, I bet when this song comes on in the club, people will still wild out.

9) Gorillaz w/ Mos Def & Bobby Womack - Stylo

I'm a big Gorillaz fan, which is why my heart was hurt after hearing their last album. It may honestly qualify as outright wack. However, this song is the diamond in the rough. They were able to blend the 3 unique sounds of Gorillaz, Mos Def, & Bobby Womack into one cohesive song and that's very dope to me.

8) Child Rebel Soldier - Don't Stop

Child Rebel Soldier is Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams. Kanye has said in interviews that they will start working on the CRS album after he completes the Watch the Throne album with Jay-Z. I know Lupe Fiasco is praying for that day to come soon. He cries on the internet every other week about how they won't release his solo album. Kanye really rips it this song.

N-Words is hating on the internet
I Couldn't Tell
I was too busy rapping
Good as Hell

7) Lloyd Banks w/ Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz , or Bentley

This is the east coast rap song of the year, for better or for worst. You can tell because of all the mid-tier east coast rappers are in the video (ie Beanie Sigel, Maino). Also funny about the video is how much of a clown Juelz Santana is. It's like he knows he has no business being a rapper as a career and he's living it up. Even though, I like clowning Juelz, this is probably his best verse ever.

6) Kanye West w/ Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver - Monster

Even though collaborations happen all the time these days, something about this one just seems epic. The controversial Nicki Minaj totally Busta Rhymed her verse making people who gave her a chance wonder why her album was so wack. Rick Ross serves no purpose on the song though.

5) Kanye West w/ Keri Hilson, Pusha T, & CyHi Da Prince - Take One for the Team

You know what
I figured out I'm not a nice guy
I shook hands, kissed babies
gave it a nice try

Those are definitely WJA3-life lyrics there. I like the beat-boxing in the beat even though I know it may annoy some people. However, beat-boxing is HIP-HOP! Ask KRS-1. This is a very humorous song if you listen to the lyrics. Also, most dudes should be able to relate.

4) Lupe Fiasco w/ Alicia Keys - Love Letter to the Beat

Lupe Fiasco is featured on 2 of the songs of my top 10 list. This may be the highlight of his career second to only being on Touch the Sky.

3) Kanye West w/ Talib Kweli & Consequence - Chain Heavy

The comparison of the chains they used to bind the slaves to the chains young black minorities buy instead of paying their rent isn't anything new. In fact, your ignorant rapper's favorite ignorant rapper Killa Cam probably has the best line doing it.

Back in the day we was slaves
whips and chains
its tradition
all i got whips and chains

Still, this song is very hot. Kanye has moved away from being overly political in most of his songs, but he goes back there this song. Plus Talib & Consequence both comes with their own hot verses.

2) Kanye West w/ Kudi Cudi, Pusta T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks, & Ryan Leslie - Christian Dior Denim Flow

This song is catchy as hell. I don't know how you can not sing along with the chorus. Also, any song where coked out and trash in general, Kid Cudi actually writes a good verse for should get bonus points.

1) Jay Electronica w/ Puff Daddy - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace

I honestly think this song is incredible. Jay Electronica perfectly mimics the flow and writing style of Biggie. The song is a true tribute without overly kissing Biggie's ass every other line. It's like he's really possessed by the ghost of Christopher Wallace. To make the song work even more Puffy is on the song, ad-libbing and talking mess like he did back in the mid 90's.

Yo take that
Take That
Take That
& give this one to your girl
Take That
D*** in your mouth, b****!

Hey Jay, can you feel that

Lines of the year.



mandy ;) said...

idk what it is but there is something about jay electronicas flow that reminds me of nas, not in this track ofcourse but the first time i heard him i heard nas' i crazy?

Amir said...

Hmm.. even with all his hype there's not a single Drake track on here. Not even a track featuring Drake. Hmm...

Rock said...

Corny Ass drizzy might've made my list...Let me Check.