Friday, January 14, 2011

Gucci Mane and other dumb Face Tattoos

Remember we said Gucci was pretending to be crazy to avoid jail time. Well now I think he actually is insane.

This is wayyyyyyy more than flavor Flav did to set back the race 500 years. It is original and kinda cool though, in a "I'm fuc*kin insane and retarded" kinda way. Eh....

C4: Stop it. You will not support this.

Tako: I'm about to say f**k it and get a California roll tattooed on my face kid.

Wja3: Tako you are about as Japanese as Kim Kardasian is prude.

Show: The ni**a do look like sailor moon tho. LOL.

Anyways, the moral of the story here is that Gucci, and any other man who screams out "burrrr" for no apparent reason, may actually be crazy. Actually, mildly retarded would be the word I would choose, but I dont want to insult the intelligence of any mentally challenged people by associating Gucci with them.

The intelligent take on this:

The problem with this face tattoo is not that it looks stupid. Coogi jeans look stupid....

Those Elmer fudd, faux fur , Black Russian winter hats look stupid...

Girls with A cups look stupid...

Well, I take that back.

ALL OF THOSE OTHER THINGS LOOK STUPID...but they're not dangerous.

This, however, is.

Little kids in the hood see this "trendsetting" as something cool or gangsta, failing to realize that, stupid or not, GUCCI MAN IS A MILLIONAIRE who may never have to work a day in his life let alone go on a job interview (Unless he spends his money like Hammer).

Most regular people, especially those without College degrees WILL have to work, and will go on job interviews...a lot of them. Face tattoos ? Bad look. FAce tattoo's you can't even hide with make-up hair or a band-aid? Well...this pretty much ensures that you'll be eating top ramen for the rest of your life, struggling to make ends meet. Pause.

If you aren't at work...or your employer doesn't give a shit, I hope you watched that. It is dope and particularly moving.

See....I do more than just troll the Internet for all things hood.

I do that too though, so here are some worse face tattoos.

Why, why...pretty girl why?

Why ugly girl, well....we know why....but the awful face tat didnt cover up the acne and face bumps. Now you look pizzafaced and dumb.

That's just foolish. Hellicopter gonna land on your head fam.

LMAO. Too bad he'll end up tossin someones salad in jail. SMH.

I get it. You are rich and bought an oil company. But an oil rig on your head? Worse was it took me about 3 music videos and 6 months to figure out what that was.

The retarded wondertwins.

Hahaha. White people are dumb too!!!


Hahaha. Funny Indian crazy man.



adameliclem said...

It's difficult to say which of Pretty Girl's tattoos is most confounding: artist's palette, calligraphy that looks like a boot, or mustache? There's a high likelihood that she has the words "Currently Being Raised By Grandma" tattooed over the scar from her C-section.

Anonymous said...

People got out of hand a long long time ago with tats, this is one of the best pieces i have seen on the issue, fine shit. funny too, lol.