Friday, January 21, 2011

Bro Debate: Pac as Important as....Jesus???

So the other day Lu-Deezy sent me a link to what he and I, C4, thought was the hottest ghetto mess of a picture ever, courtesy of the twitpic of one Tyrese Gibson. Yes, that Tyrese. From, this came with the title, "When Afrocentric Art Goes Wrong." Y'all can be the judge...

"What If," by Tyrese Gibson

So first off, what the fuck would Malcolm X be doing baptizing ANYBODY?! He was unmistakably Muslim. Then, I don't know, for good measure, Tyrese changes the famous tattoo across Pac's stomach to read "Tug Lafe," which is Thug Life in Celtic. Who gives a shit about that? But I digress.

I send the link to Show Rocka and say, "you ready for the 'C'mon Son Moment of the Year'?" The following convo ensues.

Show: 15 minutes ago i was trying to find out where to buy that for the livingroom

C4: that makes u an idiot

Show: I like it. its a nice painting. And just ridiculous

that's cuz ur gay for tupac

Show: Oh shut up

C4: ur gayer for pac than u are for weezy

Show: Pac was a revolutionary. Weezy is just a rapper with cool tattoos and a rock star attitude. Pac was as important to blacks as jesus


Show: I can justify it.

And now we have a debate.

Show: I learned more from Pac than I learned from Jesus. Pac showed us things and bettered the race. Jesus was sort of an opiate to placate the masses. We believe exactly what they tell us in church with no emperical proof. Where what other situation would we believe anything so blindly?And white men transcribed it. It's like a million year old game of telephone. Niggas cant even get a story straight when it goes through like 4 people.

C4: That's a different point entirely. You said Pac and Jesus have equal importance for blacks, not for you, who do not represent all blacks. Jesus and the belief in Jesus has been more of a catalyst for change than a placating opiate.

Show: Pac was a Huey Newton for young and old, and when he comes back you'll see he is Jesus. A stretch, but entirely possible in Christian ideology.

C4: Not really.

My point is, Jesus showed us love as a concept and Pac showed it in practical situations, and it was during my life and I saw it, with songs like "Dear Mama" and "Keep Ya Head Up." More importantly he taught us to think, the opposite of church.

C4: The whole Jesus concept is practical love in practical situations. The majority of the civil rights movement in this country is based in and inspired by Christian beliefs probably more than democratic ones.

Show: Crucified with Nails by oppressors, crucified by THE MEDIA, BULLETS and IMAGINARY RAPE CHARGES. come on, this man is the posterchild for Modern Day Jesus. I bet Michael Eric Dyson would co-sign.

C4: Dyson is a fucking clown. I'd like to punch him in real life.

Show: Agreed. He was on Tyra the other day yelling at Julito from the Wire. I wanted to jump through the TV and smack his little jheri curled head.

I've been listening to hip-hop since 1994!

C4: Fine I'll give you the persecution metaphor, I can buy that to an extent. Not on no son of God tip but sure.

Show: Finally. You see the light. come to the light. there is plenty of chicken, white women and watermellon Kool Aid. Come Sinque....come (pause)
C4: Stop it.
Show: really tho, where can I get that Tyrese painting.....

C4: but for real tho, if i see that painting in ur house i'm dropping u with a body punch like Bernard Hopkins and you're De La Hoya.

Show: To each his own. I like Malcolm X and Pac. Maybe I'll start painting. Then I can paint whatever I want. Rosie Perez as the Virgin Mary.....Amber Rose and MLK.

C4: MLK probably would've smashed Amber.

Show: Wiz is smashing that now, I'm proud of him.

C4: They probably wear the same clothes, that nigga is mad skinny.

Show: Nah she can't fit his clothes.

C4: Cuz her ass is too glorious.

Show: She's my favorite.

At least we agree on something!

-Nappy Headed Bros


NC17 said...

Jesus would have smashed Amber, hell he would have smashed Kat Stacks then tried to convert her.

angela said...

Damn, I miss this place. You guys are still fools...

No bs tho- I thought that fist pic of black jesus was rock