Thursday, December 16, 2010

Single? Well make mine a double. I am once again single, (Don't ask), I asked the blogsphere to send me profiles of women suitible for the Nappyheaded Blogness Monsta.

These were the two finalists...hence the double. LOL.

Wonder why they picked these two... Kidding.

I am currently not accepting anymore applications unless you too have a 4 Loko dress, and to be honest, I may even be lying about being single.

Lefleur: Oh no, you're definitely "living single". Maxine.

C4: I see Kyle, more than maxine. Compromise? "Ky-lene Shaw."

Show: Fu*k you.

And Btw, that beard that I cut off to look cross culturally acceptible and pull bi*ches....It's coming back.

Wja3: Oh Lord.

Tako: This ni**a aint single...he's just waitin to see which bi*ches come back around thinkin he is. Testing to see who's real and who's fake. My ni**a show is wild for this one.

Ingenuity at its best. Silly hoes.


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