Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh this dude....Just Stop it Fam....Ray J for Mayor?

When I think of people in the realm of "ni**as that manage to stay relevant without working real jobs" I always, without fail, think of Vanilla Ice. Yes, I brought back Vanilla "Robert Van Winkle" Ice. This ni**a went from being a goofy yet popular rapper, to a punk rocker, to a professional dirtbike racer...and a damn good one.

Let us not forget his stints in between as an actor, see Ninja turtles pt. 2 (which was dope) or Cool as Ice (which was even doper based on the fact that his jheri curl juice dripped into his motorcycle engine and made it break down.) LOL.

Matter of fact, I distinctly remember in like 4th grade (I think), getting away with tying strings to a bunch of Ninja Turtle Action figures (they weren't dolls nigga!) and playing Vanilla Ice's "Go Ninja Go" on a little radio and making the toys dance. Yep, that was my school project...guess even back then I knew the value of being smart enough to avoid hard work. Nevertheless, I digress.....

The point of this post is not to glorify Vanilla Ice or villify those who are not as cool as he was and still is. The point is to talk about cooning ass ray J. Yep. I called him a coon. Whatcha gonna do about it? Come on scared? WHAT YOU GONNA DOOOOO (Stinkmeaner voice.)


Tako: You foolin today boy.

Anyways...I saw a post this morning that made me realize, damn. This ni**a Ray J is kinda like Vanilla Ice. He's managed to stay relevant for over a decade without really working or doing shit!!!!!

Things he's done:

1.) Manage to pass himself off as an R & B singer despite the fact that he could not sing at all. Props to him thought for actually learning how to sing by the time his 3rd or so album came out.

2.) Manage to pass himself off as an Actor by getting a sympathy role on his famous sister's TV show...and basically playing a character which was "himself".

3.) Secure a Directors gig and contract with Adult film conglomerate Vivid simply because he was smart enough to realize the gold mine which was pre-fame Kim Kardasian's booty and shoot himself a steamy sex tape.

4.) Manage to pass himself off as an Actual celebrity, thereby allowing people to give enough of a fu*k about him to create reality shows based around his silly ass.



Looking toward the future, Brandy's little brother says he wants to inspire his hometown and help the youth.

Actor/singer Ray J has built a rather diverse entertainment resume with five albums and various dramatic and reality television appearances. But according to a recent interview with, his most surprising career move has yet to be seen.

“I want to be the mayor of Carson California,” Ray told AllHipHop. The Los Angeles suburb has spawned a dozen or so celebrities, including Ras Kass, Bishop Lamont and one Willie Norwood Jr. (a.k.a. Ray J). With a crime rate significantly lower than the national average and an unemployment rate nearly 30 percent higher than the national average, what changes would the aspiring Mayor Norwood like to see?

“I would show young kids how to aspire to go be a mayor or aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer,” he said. “This Hip Hop shit and this music industry has got a lot of people clouded. They think it’s the only way to go, or to put out a sex tape and be successful. That shit is wack. You have to go out and use your true talent and read and learn. If I can inspire that by everything I’ve been through, then let me be the answer.”

For now Mayor Jim Dear and Carson’s population of nearly 100,000 will have to wait. Ray J is still focused on his entertainment career.

“I still got a lot of learning to do—a lot of focusing, a lot of reaching back out to the community and a lot of paying my dues.”



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