Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NappyHeaded Drank

Let's have a toast to the douche bags!

Let's have a toast to the assholes!

Let's have a toast to the readers!

And to all the Nappy Headed Bros!

C4 2 Ya Door once more today to commemorate a landmark of achievement for this site that I first predicted would happen in 2010. Between yesterday and this morning, www.nappyheadedbros.com officially broke 100,000 views, and that's dope! For our lil ol' blog!

This is cause for celebration, congratulation, and appreciation. First and foremost I want to thank Showrocka for coming up with the idea to start this blog. Of course I also wanna thank WJA3 the Bl-O.G. and Taka Flaka for being true NHBs also. Mostly though thanks to everyone who reads the blog, everyone who reads it again, and everyone who tells their friends about it.

That being said, we shall celebrate the best way we know how: DRANKIN'!

In these hard economic times one must be able to enjoy a good drink while keeping the price down, or at least getting maximum bang for your buck. I do so by chasing my liquor with more alcohol, ya dig? But the drink cant taste like crap either I'm no alcoholic...kinda. Hence I here endorse the following killer combos that YOU may use to toast to the coontastic scholastic bombastic and drastic hogwash tomfoolery you have come to know and love about the Nappy Headed Bros.

1. The Nina K., better known as the Black Russian

Vodka and Kahlua baby (4 parts vodka, 2 parts Kahlua). I renamed this drink after my homie who is in fact half black and half Russian. It's not as famous as the White Russian (insert Lil Richard tirade), but far more accessible at a bar, cuz most bars don't carry milk like that. More importantly bars often O.D. on the milk, which should be just a splash in a drink that should be mostly vodka. Plus, you really trust the quality of milk kept behind a bar? C'mon son. So subtract the one non-alcoholic part of the drink, and you still got something drinkable cuz of Kahlua, and strong as hell. I suggest this for your NappyHeaded club drank. Great for washing away the taste of that fat bitch you made out with outside on her cigarette break. Have enough and the shame will go away too, at least til tomorrow when you see your dirty deed on facebook.

Shown in digital simulation because the reality is too much to bear...

2. The Careena, aka Jameson & Bailey's (2/3 Jamie, 1/3 Bailey, on the rocks)

not Careena

100% Irish, just like the lady it's named after. This is my lounge drink, grown man cocktail for when I'm sippin' 'n chillin', in no rush to be anywhere, and less of a rush to be there sober. Same formula as before, just darker liquor and lighter liqeur. Fuckin' delicious, bitches! Definitely the tastiest of the combos on the list in my humble opinion. Ask LD from San Diego who brought my invention to the west coast. I be sippin' on this feeling like the most interesting man in the world and shit, LOL.

Stay thirsty, NappyHeadedBros.com

3. Vodka and Corona (proportion at your discretion)

So yeah, uh, one night me and Jazzy Jen were running out of Smirnoff but we each had our own 22 of Corona, and no shot glasses. So I poured a shot into the beer bottle and what I had was mostly that same Corona taste but with an added kick that actually tasted decent. By this point you're probably like, "C4 you wildin, you just endorse mixing any ol' two alcoholic beverages cuz you a broke nigga." To this I say eat a dick, because I do not endorse the Jamaican Hurricane of Wray and Nephew in Red Stripe. It's gross and I thought I would die (but I finished my drink, I ain't no bitch).

4. The Mali-Boo-Yow


You're probably familiar with this thanks to Kanye West, like me. Now I don't normally endorse doing things that Kanye does, other than make dope beats, cuz I don't want you guys to be egomaniacal assholes to everyone around you while dressing like a fucking fool. A gay one. But me and my sister decided one night to try this enticing combo of Grey Goose and Malibu. Then we decided that we didn't have money to buy Goose at the bar cuz niggas is broke, so we went with well vodka. And dammit, that shit was awesome. The Malibu takes most of the edge off, but not enough to forget the fact that you're mixing rum and vodka with nothing else, which I think is good cuz you want to know how twisted you're getting, real fast. Better that than not being aware of it and then falling down like a chopped tree in the middle of the club then getting tossed out by brolic niggas who love violence, aka bouncers. Not gonna lie to you though. Your hangover might be beastly the next day, so go easy and limit yourself to two, three MAX! Great for power hour though.

That's right. Never spill the drank.

5. The Irish Milkshake aka Kahlua and Guinness

I have yet to personally try this, but enough reputable drinkers have talked about this being delicious and nutritious (mad nutrients in Guinness son, check your FACEGUYZ diet) that I had to include it in the list.

So there you have it Nappy Friends. And also a challenge to you all. For anyone (OVER 21) who can provide proof and witnesses that he/she has had all these Nappy Dranks in one night, and is alive to tell about it, you will receive a free NappyHeadedBros.com t-shirt. Why? Cuz you deserve one for being crazy enough to significantly jeopardize your longevity on this earth in the name of a free t-shirt.

2 Ya Door with Another Pour,



AB said...

To spice up Corona, you could pour a shot of Bacardi Limon into the bottle instead of vodka. Same principle, but better taste.

Epitome said...

I do the vodka/corona mix but I substitute the vodka for tequila...of course if it's a tequila shot I'm usually drinking one and then downing it with the tequila/corona mix...but I ain't no drunk or nothing