Monday, December 27, 2010

Kwanzaa...The N-Word Personified...but in a good way.

Well Christmas is over and now it's time to breathe a sigh of relief as we forget about the insane amounts of debt we accumulated trying to monetarily show our loved ones how much we care.

Don't worry, I'm not about to get all preechy...I'm not in the mood after shoveling and pushing cars out of the snow at an ungodly hour. This is my shovel break rant. Kidding. It's my shovel break celebration of Kwanzaa.

For as much as I talk shit about Things "Made-up by black people" i.e) Names which come from real names like D'Michael, La'michael, etc. and not to be confused with "things made by black people, like Peanut butter, the traffic light and gas mask", I actually like Kwanzaa. Despte the fact that white people always look at us blacks to explain it, and I really only know one nigga that celebrates it, I truly appreciate it for what it is. It is the N-word personified.

Let me explain.

When I say, Kwanzaa is the N-word personified, I don't mean its a rap-blastin, door knocker earring rockin, watermelon, 40 ounce and chicken coon fest. What I mean is, it is something which we black people have made our own despite what others may think or may have thought of it. Like it or not, since the beginning of time, most anti-negro racist rhetoric stemmed from "others" believing we were Uncultured savages due to our African Heritage. Our peazy nigga naps and colorful kinte cloth represented a lack of Anglo-saxon and European ideals and quickly became synonymous with stereotypes of being dumb, lazy, and developmentally inferior.

The results? We shunned our african heritage for our American one. We gave up our naps for perms and traded our natural diets for those of processed and fried foods, leaving us fat, unhealthy and addicted to 100 dollar micro braids, Dominican wraps and wash and sets.

Yes, we pay to look the part while those without the need to do so spend their money wisely, eat organic foods and invest. Who cares though right? We don't need as much money as them anyway because, lets be honest...between 40 Ounces, bullets and Burger King...we won't live nearly as long anyway. Kidding...kinda. :/

All those things being said, I'm glad we are taking something back...I'm glad we are embracing something which represents our ancestors , even if they never celebrated it and would probably think it was dumb. This is like Marcus Garvey and Halle Sellasie's Rastafarianism as a response to the Babylon oppressors in "Back in the day" Jamaica. Yes Nigga, Kwanzaa is real, and it represents more than the funny ass table cloth that looks like Erika Badu's headwrap.

It represents us using the N-word in the corporate boardroom (I, by the way, don't suggest actually doing that)...It represents us saying "F**k your fat white man in a red suit Christmas, designed to make us think it's ok to be fat while yall go out and do pilates and spinning classes every morning staying healthy"....It represents everything I love about being black....the ability to say "F**k you...your culture...and your whole entire movement" and still pass it off as a response to the remnants of slavery. :)


That's right nigga, theres more....


It gives you an excuse to give bitches cheap, homemade gifts.


Kujichakulia my niggas.



H. Lewis Smith said...

With the advent of Kwanzaa...Black America is defining itself. With the continual use of the n-word Black America is being defined, to allow yourself to continually be defined with a word drenched in ignorance, death and bloodshed is symbolic of a slave mentality.

Rock said...

While the point is well received, I still believe that allowing anyone to tell us which words we should or should not use and when is the real manifestation of a slave mentality.

Nevertheless, I do not disagree with the fact that a word so intregal to my own vernacular is indeed drenched in ignorance, bloodshed and sorrow. Something about using it , though, gives me a sense of empowerment as it garners attention from both conservatives who may think "Such language is grossly inappropriate" and the masses who proclaim "Damn, he's hood nigga speaking some intelligent shit."

Hurts to hear it like this, but sometimes the ends justify the means. We want our message everyone.

H. Lewis Smith said...

It is not self-empowerment to use a term that you have been brainwashed with to use. Many black users of the word use it solely out of a 400 year old habit and can't go 24 hours without using the word. They are addicted to the word and can't help themselves.

At some point Blacks need to stop lying to themselves and start facing up to reality as to why they really embrace the demonic term. And then somehow summon the strength to overcome the mentally enslaved habit.