Friday, November 19, 2010

The youthful gays

First off, a nigga just walked in the dreadlock shop (I refuse to call it a salon) and tried to sell 8 dollar tickets to see the youth choir sing at church....

Hmmmm.... Anyone see anything wrong with that? Ain't like these niggas are the Harlem boys choir, or even a traveling choir from out of town... Secondly... Maaaaan this young boy sound about as gay as the first dude with AIDS. Smh.

This, naturally, brings me to today's point... And no it's not the "paying money for Church" thing, cause that simply strikes me as ghetto or just plain black.

Today's point is more of a question. Why are so many gay young boys in the church?

Obvious wrong answer:
Because it offers a safehaven or all accepting judgement free zone.

Nah bruh bruh.

Church mofos are some of the most gossipy, pontificating,ornery old hoes on the planet. Don't know those words? Google em. I'm not dumbing down for y'all. Jk. Anyways, in addition to that, THE BIBLE ( you know, that old ass book niggas rip pages out to roll joints in jail?) is AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY! Me? I could care less, but I'm not drinkin after you or sharing toilet paper.

Tako: Really my nigga, who does or even says that!!?? I agree with the "not understanding why so many youth gays" are at church. Is holy water a nice anal stimulant or substitute for lube?

Wja3: Stop it, Jesus!

C4: nigga just "fishin" for shock value. Lol.

Maybe it's cause church songs are all kinda gay sounding... Like an old color purple slave ho should be singin them (the old ones) or like a Diana Ross inspired drag queen should be belting out lyrics in a glittery miniskirt dress (the new ones).

Maybe we need gangsta church music?

Maybe we need to allow women to show more titties, thereby bypassing the gay switch inherent in this vulnerable youth culture.

Maybe we need to keep em away from Eddie long....

Maybe church should be moved until before football and end prior to kickoff. What? You all advocate sports as a substitute for drugs and mischief. Assplay isn't mischief now? Coulda fooled me. Lol.

All of these things could possibly solve the apparent homosexupenticostalization of the underage black church goer.

C4: kudos on the concatenation of that word.

Or maybe, just maybe the problem isn't the church at all. Maybe the problem is that we think homosexuality is a problem. Sure the bible says love thy neighbor and not suck thy neighbors dick, but it also says that God shall be the ultimate judge. If he wants to burn them at the stake, or give them their own VIP section that only plays drake videos, that's his prerogative. Gay is a lifestyle as much as it is a sexual preference, and as long as that lifestyle doesn't involve stealing, killing or taking away women I want to smash, who cares! Let me reiterate though...we will not be sharing cups.

That being said, why are there so many young gays in the church?


1st Corinthians 16:13 says: "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

Obviously them niggas are looking for a few "strong" men. Smh.



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mandy ;) said...

i am mad that you had to look through the bible to find that scripture for this post...u are truly a hot mess!!! and that picture of bishop long is a mess!!! woooow, just wooow