Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You're selling whaaaaaaat???

Despite the fact that I know everyone is not intelligent enough to see the underlying message in my peddling of unabashed ignorance, I continue to peddle intellectual smut with reckless abandon.

Fortunately, the demographic which reads this blog is smart enough to know the difference between making fun of ignorance for the tomfoolery that it is, and actually thinking "yo, this ignorant shit is dope." If I'm wrong about that, eh, fuck it...this shit is still funny.

FYI, whenever women get mad at men for calling them bi*ches and Hoes (in a non malicious way), I want you to point to this song and video and say "hey....look at your girls and tell me some of them don't deserve it..."

It's Ok fellas, white people do the same thing when they point to rap songs and say , "hey, you all use the N-word...why can't we?" LOL. Actually SMH, not LOL.

Anyway, here goes....

The most ignorant Song (+ video) I've ever heard in my life...I mean it really rival's Waka Flocka's "I'm a street ni**a, middle-finger-to-college." In his defense, that was a line...this is an entire song.

I dare a bitch to say something.

C4: Oh Lawd (Black woman in Church voice)

WJA3: It's actually not that Bad.

Tako: LMAO.

Show: I'd rather be watching that new MC Hammer Jay-z Diss video.


Rock said...

Is it wrong to say the one in the fishnets can kinda get it....I mean I wouldnt pay for it.....but...ummm....nevermind...I'm trippin.

mandy ;) said...

yes show it is wrong...and wtf!!! wtf!!! wtf!!! all three of them bitches shop at rainbow lmfao!!!

mandy ;) said...

okay i didnt even really watch the whole thing when i made that first comment. okay being that im a plus cutie my damn self there are rules and those two big bitches are breaking every last one....no horizontal stripes, no fishnets!!! and if your bra size is double d or over y u should not be showing that no one wants to see that (except for maybe show) but no one else who is not tittie obesessed!!!! uggh this is a disgrace lmfao.....