Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You slept with a man son...SMH.

Kash: So I'm saying...She did have those droopy tit*ies like a fat girl who lost weight. You wouldn't know. None of your Fat girls have Lost weight. LOL.

Show: "Like a Fat Girl Who lost weight..YEAH, Or like a man whose chest was made into boobs. I'm telling you son. She may have been a tranny.

Kash: Nig*a you smashed too!!!!

Show: But you did waaay before me...and I think we just need to come to terms with the fact that we may have slept with an ex-man. LOL. It was like ages ago anyway.

Kash: You're buggin son! That's wild gay! She gave the best top!!!

Show: Probably cause she knows what a "man" likes.

Call me a pessimist, or whatever, but I just keep it 100. While I never would've slept with a girl I suspected to be a tranny, the fact that I did, even having the slightest inkling that she may be, says a lot about the power of the p-u-s-s-y.

The things we ni**as do for pus*y.

Trip Dip: Was that the girl from the video? She aint no man. She was BAD!!

Show: Yeah, her. The one who was dating Cherokee the "Adult film" star. Her.

Sometimes I still think that Marisa could've been a man...but me and Kash both checked it out, like seriously...and its pretty obvious she was not. I think. This aint MIAMI!!! Ain't no Bad Tranny's in CT!!! (Defensive Voice).

My rationale: I made her show me pictures of her IN THE DELIVERY ROOM before I smashed. I cant lie though, i got head before demanding the pics, which is kinda gay. I checked and saw no adam's apple, her hands were a bit rugged but not that large (I attributed this to her shooting guns and choppin grams, etc. Shorty was gangsta.) Shit, anybody can get a baby or adopt, but i wanted delivery room pics.

Kash's Rationale:I saw her baby pictures b...and she looked the same. I aint think her baby looked like her. Had to check.

Despite his denying that he ever had a doubt, Kash too made her show some form of Heterosexual Identification. LMAO. Once again, this brings me back to my point. Its funny to have this convo now, knowing that at the very least we can jointly make up a coherent story or say this was a big joke with noone to disprove us, but its really kinda sad.

I've done a lot of things for pu**y and know a lot of dudes who've done even worse. One dude living at home with his mama paid some bi*ch's mortgage just to get the moo shuu!!!! I've always accepted pu**y for what it was....a good way to exercise...a way to make yourself feel good and validate your masculinity, and a perk which comes with having the trust and companionship of a worthy female partner....but FUCK!!! Is it really that serious that nigg*as have RISKED their SEXUALITY for some twat!!!!????

Even worse still, I'm mad half of yall are acting like this is the absolute worst case scenario, when yall are RISKING YOUR LIVES by raw-dogging these harlots. SMH.

Lefleur: Much better to be one of those dudes who use a condom, but still eat pu**y. Ahem.

Guilty...and Fuck you Lefleur.

-The Bros.


Q Double said...

Rule of thumb: if she is wearing a neck collar, then best believe you shouldn't holla.

Anonymous said...

throw up now .. or now -__O

Anthea Jay Kamalnath said...

Heterosexual Identification...Amazing