Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dirty D : SIBE Pt. 2.

Back in the day, before me and C4 named a certain girl "the SIBE", we had a few posts about how fine a girl could be, with the Acronym S.I.B.E being the highest achievement a girl could recieve.

S.I.B.E, in case you missed that post, stood for "Skeet In Butt and Eat it..." Yes, a girl so fine that you would lick her clean after you finished your not so sanitary business.

Of course, other things worse (and actually borderline-homo) were deemed as ultimate tests of how fine a girl was (i.e. the S.E.S.I.B.E, pronounced Seis-ibe, or "Someone else, skeets in her butt and u eat it") or the B.T.T. (Bite that Tampon) degree of fine, but neither of those terms stuck.

So there we have it, SIBE is the standard. But what about for women?

Tako: Gay for posting that. What ni**a, you think Shemar Moore is cute?

Show: You're gay for googling it for me.

Wja3: Touche

C4: You're gay for watching them do that Will.

Anyways, C4 suggested the Blumkin.....You know, when a girl blows a guy while he's taking a dump.

I thought that was silly, juvenile and gross.

The ultimate test...the dirty di*k.

The dirty di*ck involves a dude raw dogging a girl and sometime later, but before washing or showering, getting head from a completely different girl.

Ladies, how fine would a dude have to be for you to willingly deep throat the Dirty D??? Don't say noone is that fine...because many of you have done much worse...for money...and that technically makes you a whore. Oh, so now your a whore with ethics and Morals?

I'm just saying. Keep it 100. I do. "The SIBE" was fine enough to be used as a bowl from which to slurp my own skeet...I never did it though, even though C4 almost guilted me into doing it....but the fact of the matter is, I Wouldve done it. She thought it was gross though so declined...she was, however, flattered.

See how much I love my blog? I almost had to eat my own man chowder to prove I wasnt a hiprocrite...and I'M ADMITTING IT!!! Name another blogger that comitted.

Tako: They need to commit your as to a mental ward.

And with that I say....Which of you delictible damsels is down to daringly deepthroat the dirty D??? Sheeeeiiiiiiit. You did it for________, and I know I look better than that ni**a (The Wood voice. Pause for saying wood.)

-ShowShow aka Rockaveli Vanilli

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khaki la'docker said...

I really wanted to say that I would for the sake of protecting my rep as a semi-smutastic blogger. Unfortunately, I cant.

I've went through my list of the finest dudes I'd "pause" on and I cant find one so fine that I'd knowingly lick another woman's vagina paste.

Guess im not that much of a smut...