Monday, November 1, 2010

Be an Adult for once and give up the pu**y

Kash told me to post my theory after I was explaining it to him...Fellas, thank him.

So me and Lefleur got in a fight last week....not a fist fight, but a verbal altercation of sorts. Don't get me wrong, we weren't yelling and screaming like some ol' bit*hes...we were just intricately involved in interesting & and insightful intellectual incongruities. LOL. Yea, we was beefin...(Waka Flocka Voice.)

(Picture Waka trying to recite this shit. LOL. I digress, I digress.....)

Lefleur got mad because I was talking about him tricking on a girl who wasn't interested in him romantically. I was trying to keep my boy from getting hurt. (Insert harmonious Jerry springer-esque Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. No homo).

The Gist of My argument: She's drinking your bread.

(Click here if you don't know what that means)

The gist of his argument: It aint tricking if you aren't spending money.

Both valid points, but this isnt about me or Lefleur specifically..This is about an age old pu**y problem which I've been aware of for years. Peep game as I break it Down....

Showrocka Presents: Be an Adult for once and give up the pu**y.

Now I'm not the most Christian ni**a in the world, but I do know that God says that you should repent your sins, or at the very least, try to "right" your wrongs. Even the atheists who believe in black lipstick, white power boots and Karma can vouch for that statement.

This being said, women need to realize that leading someone on is not only cruel, but also, a "wrong"which should be "righted." The problem with this, is that simply calling off this one sided relationship or agreement (usually an agreement where you are her "option" and she's your priority) still leaves a bit of an imbalance. This imbalance can lead to men feeling unappreciated, used and upset...

Ladies, I understand...he may be a good cook, maybe he buys you things, maybe he's your weed connect, maybe he has a house with no babies that doesn't smell like piss which u can use as your sanctuary from the all too cruel outside world.....either way, I get it.

Still, whether you want to realize it or not, as a result of you draining his mental energy and tying up his romantic options for a specified amount of time, you have a womanly duty to give him some booty. Yes, I said it. You owe him some ass. Flatttttttout. Be a woman about it...act like an adult, allow him to save some of his manhood and pride. Sure he'll know that he got played or used...and maybe he'll even know that you didnt really even want to bump uglies with him...but at least in the back of his mind he can say "at least she had the common courtesy to be an adult about this and let me smash before she went on with her life."

I'm not even trying to be funny. I know plenty of girls who owe me pu**y, some of those debts I have yet to collect on... others I have collected on,and I feel better about the world for having done so.

C4: Whaaaaat?

It's good to know that there are still good honest people in the world giving up pu**y to right their previous wrongs. Say what you want, but its always best to tie up loose ends and do the right thing. It's what God would want.

Tako: Amen.

-ShowRocka Vanilli

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