Monday, November 8, 2010

50 Cent + Soulja Boy + XXL = PAUSE!!!


This is the gayest public photo of two straight celebrities intending to look cool and heterosexual, ever. Ever. When Jazzy Jen told me about this issue of XXL I wasn't convinced of how gay it looked, so I googled it. Two things struck me.

1) XXL thinks this picture looks tough.

If you go to you'll find them talking about this "mean mug" picture, and how these two artists have mutual respect, yadda yadda BORING.

"Mean mug"? Really??? C'mon son. You can't even see 50's face, and there is nothing mean about the look on Soulja Boy's face, or the fact that he's shirtless with a man's arm draped so familiarly over his shoulder, or the pronounced sag in his pants (originated in jail, lest we forget). The colorful jewelry does not help him seem mean either. They only make him seem like what our gay friends would call "a bottom."

And 50's skin-tight sleeveless get up? The mask? He looks like a gay rapist. Or a burglar of butt virginity, according to Jazzy Jen. Don't believe me? Then...

2) The Gays Love This Cover

If you google "50 cent soulja boy magazine cover," as I did, the third hit from the top is from The following is what they had to say about this cover.

THE SHOT — Let's point out all that is gay in 50 Cent and Soulja Boy's November cover of XXL: 1) The who's-your-daddy arm drape; 2) the shirtless twink appeal; 3) the crotch grab; 4) the jewels; 5) the face mask often worn by closeted guys in gay porn; 6) "XXL." How about a round of applause for two machismo-fueled rappers getting all homonormative without any objection?
The link:

The face mask thing stood out the most to me, making me ask this question in my mind: Was the photographer aware of this? Maybe the stylist?

All I'm saying is, how similar does this look...

To this...

The above shot is part of an NYC subway advertisement campaign for gay guys, specifically black and Hispanic ones, to be out of the closet and regularly tested for HIV. I see it on my way to work every day, and that's all I thought about when I saw 50 Cent and Soulja Boy.

Remember when 50 was the scariest nigga in America? This kinda makes you think twice about the G-Unit wife beaters. As Cam'Ron once said, "dem shits is brassiere tops!"

Show Rocka seems to have been ahead of his time when he posted last year in our Nappy Headed infancy the "SWAGGER" post. Of course it's an acronym for


But maybe now it's just that rappers are emulating gay guys...

I'm just saying...

C4 2 Ya Door


Rock said...

Other than the dumb ass mask, I dont see anything wrong with that cover C4. Pause.

Abhi said...
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Abhi said...

of course Show wouldn't see anything wrong with that cover. ahem...SMH

Rock said...

Yikes! Classic AbhiHendi, Classic.