Monday, November 15, 2010

The 4 Loko Video

C4: Your 4Loko Chronicles have set a record high of * Crack in the 80's ratings.

Show: You should hear the stories from last weekend. Me, Lefleur, Slim Jones and Shanga ran through a 6pack of Lokos. SMH. My highlight of the night was getting pulled over by a lady cop while i was talking to my dimepiece passenger at a stop light. I swear, it was like this...

Ladycop: You gotta do that somewhere else. Move your car out of the street and get a room.

Show: Yes Officer.

Girl in passenger seat: Wow. She seemed kinda mean.

Show: Nah, we went on a few dates...The hate was probably directed at you. JK

So anyways, it was a 4loko kinda weekend.

Then Lefleur found this video and we just decided it was the greatest thing ever.


Hate all you want, you'll be singin it by lunch.

P.S. Now banned in NYC, 4Loko has been banned in 5 states total. What is this, the prohibition? Or proof that stupid white college kids are keeping black folks from being happy and thereby indirectly boosting the crime rate. I kid, I kid.



Chrisitna said...

Love the video

Showstopper said...

my friend had a better song...and my opinion lol