Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why they didn't want "Us" in Law School...and Rap beef

So the Huffington post, which is a pretty fun online news site had this article on the "Worst instances of Self promotion." It was pretty hilarious....

Once ad in particular stuck out to me as not only a bad decision, but one of the most blatent instances of coonery and Hogwash tomfoolery I have seen to date...more on that later.

Here are the runner's up.


I mean seriously though...This, is a bad Advertisement. Marked by bad marketing, bad decisions and a bad circle of friends that would even let you finance this. I would never hire this dude for anything....matter of fact, I wouldn't even shake his sticky little perv hand. Ewww.


Here's another one that's just bad. Lucky for her, she's cute and I'd still hire her. Wait...she's a lawyer? You mean I need her to do something professional, not just be a stripping maid who cooks empanadas? Oh hell no. Your services will not be needed.

Any bi*ch that went to Harvard Law should be smarter than this. Guess that's why she didnt get into Penn. Shameless plug.

Maybe this is Ok in LA?

Anyways, the fact of the matter is, whenever professional services are needed, anyone with more than a middle school education knows that you should expect a certain degree of professionalism. We want people who understand us, but not people that look like us. I'm not hiring no fu*king lawyer with dreads and tattoos!!!! Just kidding. I could never judge based on that. Well, it depends on where the tattoos are and if the dreads are blond...lol.

And now for the hands down, all praises to the lord for letting me find this, undisputed king of the coons....This ni**a right here!!!! The number one contestant on "which spook wants to be deported?!!"...oh, I'm judging the fu*k outa this book before even reading it. This is undeniably the reason white people think that even "seperate but equal" was a stretch....the reason they were afraid to let blacks into Law school. I'm Shaking my head so hard right now I feel like an old black women looking at an interracial couple...with her high blood pressured hatin ass. LOL.

OK, enough talking...I'll let you be the judge. Would you hire this guy???

Ignore the Jamaican flag belt, dreads and Benz for a minute. This nig*a wants people to call him "P'ta Mon"...Now think of a Jamaican accent...."Peeta-Mon." Really my dude? Sigh. I guess we all can't be uncompensated writers.

He just ethered himself. Kinda like these dudes who put a diss record out against me and Lefleur aproximately 24 hours after hearing our new Hit "Drink my bread."

I think our song was much better and currently after one day we have 170 hits...they have 7. That still isnt gonna stop me from being an ass and making a response diss complete with pictures of people's baby mama's and the like. Oh. Its a full fledged rap beef now. New Video Tomorrow. Rocka & Lefleur "Everybody know me (J-Black & Junebug Diss.)

I love being Immature. No Marques Houston.

Check below for Drink my bread Video.


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