Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today I will wear purple...Yeah right.

Wja3: I see what you're trying to do...I even applaud it, because I know you aren't anti Gay (Shit, you're half gay yourself)...and I do not doubt that our intelligent blog following will get your underlying point but ummmmm...Not everyone's gonna follow you 100%. This is, should I say, a bit abrasive....

Show: Eh.

Wja3: Ok, but giant "I told you so" if the # of followers drops below 83 after today.

Today I will wear purple.

Don't get all "sentimental-Rocka's finally growing up and maturing-kudos to him" on me. Today I'm wearing purple because Im a Sigma Pi, not because some kids couldn't handle being bullied and went and off'ed themselves.

I mean sheeeit. That is what happened right?

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that it's wrong to persecute anyone for their beliefs, race or sexual orientation...unless of course they are straight men who act feminine, or friends who you believe just need a nudge to come out of the closet, in which case its perfectly OK to call them gay at every given opportunity.

Seriously though, I get side tracked....Like I was saying...

What happened to all of the gay teens (It was a suicide or something right? I only read it on Facebook...don't judge me...I'm just self absorbed. I only read about the Puertorican Miners on Facebook too.)

C4: Chilean.

Show: Like Snookie?

C4: SMH. Nevermind. Homo.

What happened to those young teens was atrocious. It is something that never should been allowed to happen, as someone should have noticed the warning signs and cries for help. Better still, someone should've intervened and presented the teens with the end all be all solution for their bitter torment and angst. It's called "Man the fuck up."

Yep. Call me insensitive, I said it. Also blame C4...he's supposed to be blogging.

Bullies have been around for ages, even before Nelson on the Simpsons...speaking of which, Millhouse never comitted suicide after being bullied....and he has blue Hair!!!

The problem in today's society is a sugarcoating-iz-i-nation (made up word of the day) of all things adolescent, and the diagnosis of made-up "disorders" which didnt even exist years ago. You're sad, you must have "depressed personality disorder"..take this Prozac. You're hyper, oh you must have "ADD", take some Ritalin. Oh you're getting you're ass whopped? Kill yourself and we'll wear purple for you, you homosexual martyr...Tupac for the gays.

I aint wearing purple.

I'm not gonna wear a shirt made of bacon in honor of all the black folks with high cholesterol.

I'm just saying.

Here's an idea, better yet a diagnosis by Dr. Rocka. Getting your ass kicked? Take Karate and call me in the morning. Being made fun of? Watch "Yo mama" and call me next week. Getting made fun of for being gay? Quit telling everyone you slob knobs and see how that works.

I feel no desire to be overly sensitive today. I'm not against gays, except my boy MW, but that's just cause I don't like him anyway!!JK. Peoples sexual orientation are no ones business but their own and their sexual partners. To each his own. Teachers should be intervening when these types of bullying patterns emerge...yada yada yada. Thats what Im supposed to say right?

I really don't care who you are or whether you put balls or tits in your mouth. Man up. Sheesh. You'd think with all the experience homosexuals have dealing with men that "Manning up would be the least they could do." LOL.

I don't appreciate the bastardization of one of my favorite colors. Purple is for Sigma's and Que's ...not for punks.

Suicide is not the answer.

Shoulda titled this shit "when keepin it real goes wrong." You should've just "Manned up" (pause) and went it (no homo). Too much tip-toing around the issue so people wouldn't think you're homophobic. SMH.

Shut up.


khaki la'docker said...

im silently agreeing with Tako...

Rock said...

Ha. I knew I'd get a comment out of your ass (pause)finally!

I agree with you too. I'm sure i couldve been more insightful if I actually read the articles on the gay bullying rather than just the max has a new book out, and it was a much better read.

Anonymous said...

Love yall blog. Def' a must read every day.