Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pins PT. 7

So.... Some people are pro choice, some are pro life and some are pro-"who gives a shit."

One thing all these groups can agree upon, however, is that the topic of abortion and the possible termination of a unlived life is a serious, and heartfelt matter. Well, that is, unless the Nappyheaded bros somehow get involved. Uh oh.


Girl (Via Text): Dear _____, I'm not sure if you realize it, but today we could've had a three year old.

Whaaaaaaaat? Are we really doing abortion Anniversarys now? Come on son!!!!

Bro #5 (To girl): I think about it every day. Hope everything is well.

Now, that's not really funny until you read the response text that was not sent to the girl, but was instead sent to the NappyheadedBros.

Bro #5: So she's all talking about "we couldve had a 3 year old today."

Bro #5: I wanted to be like, yea bitch so what! You feel special? In all honesty I wouldve had 1 twelve year old, 1 eleven, 3 sevens (that was a good year), 1 six and 2 fours. I might of missed a few but these are the confirmed ones.

Wooooooooooow. I don't even have funny commentary for that. Just wow.

You tell her little man! Lol.



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who does this?!?!? Are there greeting cards for this sort of anniversary? Uhm, shorty is sick.