Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Monkey suit pt. 2. (To the "N"th Power)

Showrocka, 1997. = Adolescent "Monkey or Nig*a Suit".

We can somehow accept this as, well...14 year olds don't really know any better. To be honest, how was I to know my planned pimp motif (that was what was poppin at the time) would come out looking like a cross between the undertaker and Silkk the Shocker...It aint my fault. Prom or tell me?

C4: Wait son, you weren't at a funeral!!???

Tako: He sure bringin his bi*ch some dead, funeral lookin that in a vase? Ni**a wildin!

Anyways, enough about me. on to case study # 2....

Pretty-V, 1996. Uber ni*ga suit!!

Also a mistake based on sheer juvenile fashion sense and an entire 1990's era full of tomfoolery (see coogi sweaters, cross colours jeans, Parasuco denim with the reflective lime green stripe, Wu Tang wallabys, shiny suits and anything else Diddy wore.)

Sure this dude looks like a baby diddy in the unreleased version of the hypnotized video, but really, at least he's not a grown ass man!!!

Wja3: 14 Karat Versace Urkel...Show, where did you find these old pics?

Show: Mommarocka's crib.

Now, onto the grown ass men getting their Steve Harvey on with these ridiculous ass suits.

To elaborate on C4's previous post, Take off that monkey Suit , I'm gonna go ahead and say that the purpose of a suit is not to look presentable, because you can look presentable in a T-shirt and Jeans. Nor is the purpose of a suit to look professional...because in the above pictures Show (that's me) looks like a professional undertaker and Pretty V looks like a professional rapper...or genie. LMAO.

The purpose of a suit is to look presentable and appropriate. Unless you are at a Country Music Awards show, rhinestones on suits are not appropriate. Unless you are the host for a TV music or movie awards show, a leather blazer is not appropriate. The following, uber ni*ga suit, never appropriate nor presentable.


So ummmmmmm yeah. Dude in Florida, who is well into his thirties, decided that upon his demise he wanted to be buried in his custom Chrysler 300 with a matching, custom leather orange suit. Womp womp, is an understatement.

Once again....

NIGGA SUIT (n): suit which clearly identifies one as hood, country, ghetto, or as a coon. While fulfilling technical requirements for being a suit, this particular type is overly gaudy, flashy, loud, and fashionably outdated by an average of 35-90 years. Usually worn by an African-American male, usually too big for the wearer of the garment.

This is worse than when Jay Z had cats wearing oversized dress shirts with fitteds saying they were "getting their grown man on" because at least those impressionable enough to follow Jay-Z weren't yet grown. This atrocious incident is defined not by coon-ness, but by the Nig*a suit to the Nth power.

Willie the Whimp's custom Cadillac casket? Now that's cooning...but at least he wasn't wearing a ni**a suit. Outsiders see that as funny or plain out ridiculous. They see a Ni**a suit as proof that Black people don't understand the term "business attire" and therefore dont deserve any job which doesnt involve shoveling shit or serving fries.

Now that this is out of the way, I just want to post an addendum to the aforementioned and awesomely articulated artistry of a one C4.

If you can't wear it to an interview and seriously be considered for the job, its a nigga suit. P.S. Matching hats not excluded.

-Show Sho No H.

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