Monday, October 11, 2010

Here comes the judge!

Shawtys a 1L and she's worried bout the bar...

I just smoked 1 L and I'm tryin to hit the bar...

Tako: Show, you're stupid. Lol.

So I was home sick watching one of those People's Court knockoff judge shows marketed towards stay at home moms and non working welfare recipients. This one was called Judge pirro.

She's hot, so I turned it on...and she turned me on. Don't judge me.

Anyway, the show centered around a middle aged white man, about age 40-45, having a dispute with a prostitute. Hilarity ensued.

Judge: What services do you provide?

Obviously she can't say, "Im sellin pussy your honor ."

Woman: Im in the Aromatherapy and massage business.

Sounds like a front for sellin ass to me! I'm just sayin.

Judge: So what happened...

Woman: Well, he stabbed my leather couches with a knife and trashed my home when I wouldn't give him extra services.

Guy: "I paid your lil black ass, hoe."

Quote of the day!!! Like who really says that on Tv? Lol. Sheesh.

Judge: "how dare u call a woman that! Don't u ever call a woman those names!"

Woman: He was trying to get me to perform "favors" and....

Judge: Stop. I know exactly what the exotic massage business is about and it's not selling massages. You have to understand incidents like this will happen. It's an Occupational hazard Laketta.

Is she telling her how to sell pussy? Oh this judge hoe is a pimp!

Judge: And you sir... You just have bad luck. Maybe you should just stop frequenting prostitutes. Isn't it true last year you were
Arrested for indecent exposure in a wild life refuge...? You were getting Head from old man.

Judge: It's obvious you are both playing a dangerous game. are playing it better. Damages awarded to the plaintiff.

Oh man. I know there's no underlying life lesson or conspiracy theory behind this one, but sometimes I've just gotta spread the tomfoolery. Kinda like I'd like to spread judge Piro's slender puertorican legs and wrap them around my neck like a spider monkey.

Tako: Omg. Too much info there chief.

Wja3: Oh the imagery.

Love, Peace & Nappyness


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