Friday, October 8, 2010

Diddy is wearing a Kilt these days

Go ahead, say it. I'm hating on Swizz Cause he stole my baby Alicia Keys. Maybe I am. Still doesn't change the fact that he's dressed like an asshole these days.

Really my dude? Homeboy look like Haji from Johnny Quest, and no that's not photoshopped. Dude has an Arab name, Jewish Nose and a Muslim Headwrap despite the fact that he looks like a combination of those MAD Comic Books Spy Vs. Spy Nig*as crossed with Drake.

C4: Now you're just hating.

Wja3: Rightfully so.

And then we have this one... Really Diddy? I thought it was bad when he was wearing a gold grill on making the band. I was like, "nig*a you're too old for this." But now...this shit right here niccccccca?!! A Kilt. Is you Scottish [sic]???

Oh wait, now i get it.

Who wore a turban and is considered one of the most prominent lyricists of the modern era? The same ni**a that wore a Kilt. Andre three muther flocking thousand, that's who.

Really guys? I always thought swizz was Corny but respected him for creating his own Motorcycle, Dog Barking Ruff Ryder thing. Diddy I always thought had style....Now...I guess it all comes to light. These Tyler Perry ass ninjas just wanna be like Dre. SMH. Since when did we start emulating wierdos...oh yeah, that's right...when Pharell came out.
Guess 50 (excluding his Twitter rants...follow @50Cent cause he's funny) is the only Famous nig*a that's not crazy, homosexual or 50 years old. Sorry Nas & the Roc Boys.

This is worse than the look on my face when that Kappa dude showed up at C4's party rockin Timbs, a Hoodie and Kilt.

Show: Nig*a are you Scottish?

Dude: Nah...This is just my personal style.

Oh well, Guess it's nice to know famous nig*as meat hop too.

That's all I got. Gotta Get ready for this marathon tomorrow. Wish me luck, and by luck I mean bestow upon me a plethora of Bj's. Females. Pause just as a precursor.



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Moufbreatha said...

Have a heart! It's not his fault. You see, I have some insider info right here: until very recently, my brother interned for Diddy and on occasions he would assist his stylist. The stylist would always tell my brother how Diddy's ass is so big, that he has to get special tailored pants! hahahaha!

Diddy had one of two options: a) Start wearing women's jeans or b) start wearing skirts, which can be more flattering. You see which one he chose ...