Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beef Pt. 3: On Facebook, On Wax, in Relationships

Ok, So I had plenty to blog and talk about today, but then I awoke at 2:00am and saw yet another youtube Rap-diss video aimed at the Bros. Smh. I know the dudes involved so I'd rather not just slap the slob outa their mouths. I will, however, say that I thought after a clear-cut victory and a week with no response, that the beef was over. Guess not.

Check their diss below...I'm only posting this cause It involves me and I'm vain, and because some of the pictures and 1 liners were actually funny.

Hell Mel aka J-Black and A-Money: "Preachers & Skinny Jeans"

Womp, womp.

Anyways...Since we are on the subject of beef, I'm gonna have to seriously ask that people not put so much of their drama on Facebook. I mean, it kinda makes it awkward for the rest of us.

Think about it.

I walk up to your husband, he isnt on facebook, be it because he's afraid all his creeping and dirt doing will come to light, or because he's just computer illiterate, and before he even says "what up bruh..how bout them eagles?" I'm thinking, "this nig*a needs to get his shit together."

Guy: You wanna grab a brew.

Show (in his head..pause): Hell no homie. You need to grab your unsatisfied wife and do something nice for her. You all haven't made love in 3 weeks, you dont appreciate her, you are gaining weight and have the nerve to fall asleep after giving her your 7" of mclovin. no homo.

Show (Under his breath): You need to break that bitch's computer.

Guy: Huh?

Show (outloud): Ummm...I said, that's great, but I aint sippin no dubra.

Yall can say what you want but you know it's the truth.

People are quick to "not so kindly" suggest that people not be in their business, or inquire as to why people think their man is a no good cheating dog, when they conveniently forget that we only know these things because They themselves posted them on the world wide web every time they got angry. Even the subliminals aren't subliminal.

Keep your beef private or risk the callous consequences of concocting a cornucopia of constant contradictions.

I call it Maury syndrome.

People tend to talk shit on TV, because there is a peanut gallery of anonymous on-lookers cheering them on. Facebook is no different. Go ahead, say some lesbian-esque man hating shit and watch all the girls who can't find a man but desperately want one click "like" 1,000 times and give you advice that didn't even work for them.

"Your words, your compliments....your revelry in hating on my man....they validate and complete me...."

It aint that all men are deadbeat, wife beating alcoholics. Just yours.

That being said, just remember, misery loves company, so when you're man is doing the right things and spoiling your funky ass these are gonna be the same bird ass friends hating and trying to fuck him.

They will, however, still come to the wedding...if it's open bar. LOL.

Once again , keep your beef private or risk the callous consequences of concocting a cornucopia of constant contradictions.

-The Bros


The Notorious ZAG said...

#1. That wedding photo is a mess.

#2. I don't understand why people put their dirt on facebook. Its sheer entertainment; especially when I have both members of the couple as friends and I can read both sides of the stories. It's fantastic! It seems that the general public fails to realize that everything that is put on facebook is a permanent record. This shit can come back to bite you! Whether it's a work, in future relationships, current relations, whatever... the information is as available as one makes it on facebook and other social networking sites. This technology thing is headed in a very wild direction. Borederline exhibitionistic.... I'm interested to see what happens next.

#3. What the fuck is beef? Beef is when you need 2 gats to go to sleep. These assnuggets certainly aren't "beef." Quail... maybe duck. Not beef.

Rock said...

I can get past almost everything except the "Wifey" Airbrushed on the back of the wedding dress.


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