Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ATM Pin Numbers Pt. 5 or 6

We at Nappyheadedbros like to play a Game call Pin numbers. We take the area code and last digit of your phone number as your "identifier." Next we proceed to not so discreetly tell you some fucked up shit we did to you.



Dear girl to who this pertains and her friends. I know through various degrees of seperation, and thanks to mutual facebook friends, you have access to this blog. That makes this even more awesome.

The time that I "overslept" after I promised to lend you my car to pick your girl up from the Airport? Yeah. That was totally planned. I'm like really? It's not like you asked for a ride, which I would have easily provided...you asked to BORROW MY CAR. That's some ol' crackhead Felicia from Friday sh*t. "Craig....I need to borrow yalls car right quick." LOL.

To make shit worse, you really thought that I was going to wake up at Six am on a Saturday to volunatrily leave myself carless for the weekend? Silly rabbit.

Here's the kicker. When I said "Yeah, I guess I can let you use my car if you give me some ass", I didnt think you were gonna actually give it up! And you gave it up in the car to make things more ironic! Sorry sugar lips, but once I cleared the toxins from my system and into yours and i left you with the parting "See you tomorrow at 6am", I really turned my phone off on purpose, stuck it in the console and brought my ass to bed. The pu**y was straight though.
My bad to the out of town friend stuck at the airport for like 6 hours. You probably looked like quite the asshole for that one.

Just because all stories that make it here have to be verified, here are some of the actual texts sent from # 2037 the next morning when I awoke to 16 voicemails and about 27 texts.

"Ur a Fukin asshole for real. That's so fucked up____. For real I hope u never ever talk to me again in your hole[sic] fukin lifee. Hope u fukin die piece of shit."

"Ur the most dirtiest piece of shit I've ever met in my hole [sic] life. I hop[e you fuckin Catch AIDS. U think ur the shit, u'll get yours eventually and u'll be so...."

"Idc _______. Ur mad gross, don't txt me, call me or nothing! Loose [sic] my number u fag and stop requesting people on my friends list. They don't like you and ur retarded ass."

And the response which could have only been generated in true nappyheaded fashion:

Bro #4: I can't believe that shit worked!


The disgusting, rude, morally questionable & unapoligetically nappyheaded Bros.


Alovelydai said...

Yeah she was supposed to ask, take the car, & drop yo arse home after you nutted. Clearly an amateur.

mandy ;) said...