Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wocka Flaka Shame

So I had a longer blog for you guys today, but then I said ehhhhhhh fuck it.

It's my blog and I can do what I want to (Cindy Lauper Voice.)


Tako: Lesley Gore sang that Dickhead.

Show: You're gay for knowing that.

Anywho, I was watching 106 and Park the other day (Don't judge me, it was for socio-demographic research) and saw my man Wocka Flaka Flame on TV, talking about....of all things..."Voting."

Hilarity Ensued. In case you cant see video, hilights include the following...

Wocka :Votin....ummm...Votin good...cause thats what you supposed to do. Nah, Ummm...I aint gonna lie. I dont no what them people be talkin bout. Ummm....Let me get a do over.

Terence J: You can't get a do over Wocka. This Live TV.

Rocka Springer Final Thought of the Day:

People are quick to dennounce Wocka's music because its violent, promotes gang affiliations and drug dealing (in addition to the fact that it sucks) but fail to look at the culture which creates the uneducated mutherflockas by promoting an ass backwards value system. Play ball or rap about how you dropped out of school and we will pay you a few million dollars. Become a teacher we will pay you $40,000. Go to college and we will stick you with hundreds of thousands of dollars plus accumulated interest.

A basketball only costs about 14.99. Everybody makes beats and for under 300 dollars, the street value of 30 bags of sour or about 15 of them things, you can get decent recording equipment / softwear. Sure, we're laughin at this nigga who isnt even articulate enough to articulate the fact that he can't articulate to us that he knows jack-dick about voting, but guess what? He's making more money this year than you and me probably will ever make in our lifetime. Jokes on us.

That being said, this nigga better keep me entertained!!! Get on more shows and say more dumb shit. Pow pow pow pow!!!!!!!

--It's Rocka!


mandy ;) said...


Cie said...

pause for saying "my man Wocka Flaka Flame" ??

just a thought. =)

NC17 said...

"1 shot man down
His brains go ka-pow
Ow, that shit hurt
So don't fuck around" waka is genius

Gavino Brown said...

Before this post, I did not know who Wock Flaka was. Now I do. So, what Iʻm saying is, I hate you.

I doubt heʻll make more than we will in our "lifetime." "Lifetime" for that nigga is a bit shorter than lifetime for us. It ainʻt nothinʻ but a channel to him. 1) we drink juice and that nigga was likely raised on drink 2) I doubt heʻll do much after 2011 3) fuck that nigga

-and so what if does anyhow. Our degrees will keep us satisfied...

khaki la'docker said...

voting good LMAO