Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Up With "Females"???

You know how you hear somebody trying to say something smart/profound and they use certain words to let you know how profound they are trying to sound? But then the use of that very same word tells you that they are actually not very smart at all? Like the way a convict will use the term "incarcerated," for example. Well in my NappyHeaded opinion, the same goes for the use of the word "female" when referring to a woman.


"Why do females be acting like that?"

"You know, as a female, I believe that it's important to __________________"

"See the problem with females these days is ________________"

Pardon my French, but WHAT THE FUCK IS A FEMALE?!?!?!?!?!

A female what?

A female race car driver?

Female rapper?

Female bodybuilder?

Female jet pilot?

Female horse?

Female porcupine?

Female condom?

Female hummingbird?

Female Rattlesnake?

The female reproductive parts of a flower?

WTF are you referring to when you say female?!?!?!

How old is this female? Is she a girl or a woman? Is she human? You see how non-specific this term is? You could be talking about anything. It's just an adjective. It's an incomplete thought. And this troubles me because we in the black community readily accept this terminology as legitimate, mostly because the alternative is too often to finish off the description with a five-letter word for a female dog.

Where my bitches at?

But for my money's worth, I'd prefer one go ahead and say "bitch" instead of female, because at least it's specific, if not also dehumanizing. I feel like when we use the term "female" to describe our women, we are implicitly denying their humanity as women, and the weight that must be given to the term "woman." For you see "bitch" can it least be flipped and become empowering for those who wear the name proudly.

"Female" is like a rice cake. It's plain, inferior, and has no potential to be anything great.

And it's not just men saying it. Women often refer to themselves as females in serious discussions, something they wouldn't do with the word "bitch," for example. I feel that in doing so these women, often black and latino, are selling themselves short, and if nothing else reinforcing a subliminal belief of inferiority.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm no saint or college professor. I talk about bitches all the time. Bitches I see, bitches I meet, bitches I knew in college. But I recognize a difference in meaning and connotation that exists between "bitch" and "woman." A different but equally important distinction between "woman" and "female," except it goes unnoticed far too often, and it's not okay to ignore it.

This has been a Nappy Headed Public Service Announcement, courtesy of C4.


Rock said...

You can tell Which Nappyheadedbro majored in English and which majored in "Combating Racism one white woman at a time."

I was laughing out loud at jail niggas saying"incarcerated." Once at work some dude tried to pull that, so I go "You mean you were in the bing?" and my boss jumps in with "the slammer?" and I come back with "The clink?" This went on for about a full 5 minutes.

We thought it was funny. I'm sure the memories of Ramen noodles, homemade tattoos from bal point pens razors and burnt checkers, communal showers and rape which it conjered up weren't funny though.

My bad jail nigga (Riley from boondocks voice.)

khaki la'docker said...

posting this for my FEMALE readers... and for those that say "me personally" whenever giving an opinion

Rock said...

P.S. The female Bodybuilder is hot. I hooked up with a Female body builder my freshman year of College. 3rd place Ms. UPenn Competition. Whoop Whoop.

Gavino Brown said...
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Gavino Brown said...

@Khaki> I get uncomfortable when people say "me personally," or "me, myself, personally," too. "I" satisfies the sentence. It makes me sick.

@Rock> I'm dancing right now, but it's not gay because I'm smashing a female right after.

@ post> I also get annoyed when people say "females." Unfortunately I almost always say "jawns," regardless of how elegant the statement needs to be.

Iris said...

So I'm sitting in my world civ lecture when I stumbled upon your link, I literally had to exit the page because I could not contain my laughter. Truth, humor, intelligence, all in one. Ha... I think I just found my favorite blog.