Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We got crack at the house

Friend #1 :Nigga got mad at me cause the crackhead gave me dome.

He was like, I'm the one who promised her crack.

Show: whaaaaaaaaaat?!!!

So apparently friends # 1 and 2 were driving around the hood, picking up some new clothes from a baby mamas house before hitting the next club.

C4: what did they spit up on themselves or something? Who changes clothes in between club hopping? Where they do that at!!?

Tako: Who says "spit up"? We ain't talkin bout babies nigga.

Wja3: C4 1, Tako 1.

Anyways...so the two dumbmigos run into a moderately attractive white girl who, by virtue of her being in the hood at this hour, was obviously up to no good.

Sidenote, this is the sane hood where Lefleur's mom has to spray prostitutes with the hose just to keep them from loitering on the stoop. This story's not about Lefleur tho... Honest.

So snow white asks the boys if they have any weed... Ganja.... Piff.... Purp....whatever choice word you use to describe your greenery.

Thinking quick, and knowing that even naive white people aren't dumb enough to walk around at midnight for some "weed", friend # 2 responds "oh we got it all."

Girl: You got crack?

Tako: and this is where these niggas should've deaded the convo!!

Show: word on the street is she didn't look like a crackhead AND had all her teeth.

Logical niggas woulda hit the typical "crackhead-AIDS" or "Crack-setup-jail" thought association button, but fool # 2 responds with "yea, we got crack at the house" and hoe-white proceeds to get ready to hop in the whip.

Unbeknownest to friend #2, friend #1 had already started his car and pulls up aside the two standing outside. The girl hops in #1's whip and he instructs #2 to follow.

Next he follows the Nappyheaded official protocall... When in doubt, pull the meat out!!!

C4: bet it worked...

Why yes, C4, it did!! He drives around pretending to be lost while she sucks him off, then dropped her off on a street where she could get some real crack. She gets out and he burns rubber like ghonnerea on a lambskin condom.


Friend # 2 gets mad and friend #1 gets tested. Just another Friday night in Nappyville. Haha.


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mandy ;) said...

SMH...im starting to think you guys do shit just to have something to post....hot mess