Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Truth about Dimepieces: Dating them is Gay

"I'd Take two Nickels any day over one dime" - Showrocka 2007 , from "She needs it."

Tako: You still holdin true to that statement?

Show: Ehhhhhhhh. I dunno. All things being equal, i.e) they can all cook, or all treat you relatively the same, I guess i'd have to take the dimepiece.

FYI: A dimepiece, in the urban vernacular is a universally standard term for a girl who is a perfect 10, or at least the closest thing to a perfect ten as accepted by most men.

Tako: OK. So it's established...Dimes are the holy grail. Now...what about this...One dime and one absolutely average girl that we'll call a 5, or two overly attractive girls we'll call 8's.

Show: The dime and the 5.

Tako: Just as I expected you to say...way to fu*k up your average. You've taken an average of 7.5 over 8. Either you're horrible at math or fall into the same trap as every other dude in the world in thinking that dimes have magic beans in their pu**y or will turn you into superman. Nope. It's just pu**y like regular 8 pu**y. Difference is, this....

Having a dimepiece on your arm gives you a sense of self validation. Sure the sex may be great, but an average, above average or ugly girl can provide the same. There's no coorelation between intellectual stimulation and the dimepiece factor so it all boils down to one thing. Men like dimepieces because it gets us props from other fellas or makes other dudes hate on us.

We are esentially dating for dudes. Pretty fuckin gay, eh?

I have more dimes, and my biceps bigger. look homo.

Show: LMAO.

The obvious rebuttal is this..."I'm more attracted to dimepieces." People say that, but in the end, the term "dimepiece" becomes subjective. One man's dime is another man's duck (Short for ugly duckling.)

Lefleur: Take for example, those dudes like S-Kash who say they only f**k dimes. The same S-Kash who says Show only messes with ugly girls...or big girls...or whatever....

S-Kash: It's true.

Lefleur: How is it then, that you (S-Kash) and Show have f**ked with so many of the same girls??

Show: Word!!! Mary J, Bags, lil, K...should I keep going?

S-Kash: Stop>>>>Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Wja3: Yall niggas reckless for naming names.

That's what I'm saying though. Yall are proving my point. There's a discourse between fellas about who 's track record or dime history is the best. Unlike girls who are too busy comparing the di*k size of guys they slept with, or assuming guys are in it strictly for the body count, dudes are actually off being gay and trying to impress other dudes.

That's why both my baby's mothers are ugly. They can cook good, f**k good and make pretty babies. Pretty babies impress pretty bitches. I'm not trying to impress no dudes. I feel like having an ugly girl is the straightest thing I can do. Keep your downlow ni**as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha.


Show: Nah, don't put my name on this. I'm still into dimes. This is a Tako Blog.

S-Kash: You never were into dimes little ni**a.

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Alovelydai said...

"Pretty babies impress pretty bitches" I'm so done. LOL!!!!!!!!