Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Three Freaks in Recent Nappyheaded History

Its fall!!! So you know what that means? Time for the bros to act like blatant homosexuals and even change our background to foliage. Kidding. We are having serious layout issues so if anyone has any IT knowledge get at me (pause) or C4.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...The Mexican reporter (Ines Sainz) the Jets are in trouble for sexually harassing.

Now I don't normally blame the victim....but I'm just sayin...reporters aint supposed to look like that. I'm just gonna stop there.

This post is actually not about her, or gay foliage , or the Jets...It's about Freakin'!!!!

Top Three Freaks in Recent Nappyheaded History

Disclaimer: I am not speaking of promiscuous women or Michael Jackson Esque Oddities when I say "Freak." In the Nappy headed Vernacular, "Freak" is when you are dancing...really hard. Pause.

3. Heineken Bucs

Compared to #1 all of these freaks are tame, so I'm just gonna breeze right through them and get to the good stuff. You know how that "I'm big and I'm proud so I wanna wear sexy shit" girl is always in a circle dancing with some skinny nigga who a.) likes big girls or b.) wants to prove he can handle all that meat ? Well yea, that night Buc Dinero was that drunken dude. It's all good and well until the freak turned to "Freak Nasty". Night ends with Buc and big girl gettin sweaty on the dance floor, and a Heineken bottle being eased into her butt. Onlookers were astonished, hilarity ensued.

2.) Gettin Hungry in the Club

Freak of the year #2 involves ________ actually having the Audacity to eat pu**y in the club while dancing. LMAO. I'm sorry, I had to leave names out to protect ni**as identities. I don't normally do that, but the homie has some dirt on me. So it begins with a tame "back on the wall, her butt on your junk" kinda freak. Next thing you know, the patron got dudes feeling like they're brian pumper and lifting girls in the air. All in all, still not that bad. But, but, but,but wait it gets worse!!!! (Onyx Voice). ________ slips on some spilled drinks and falls flat on his back with said girl on his face. Most people would get up off the sticky floor embarrassed....not them. ______ pulls the girls thong to the side (she was wearing a skirt) and proceeds to eat that thing like Prosciutto & Melon. LOL. No one saw, and no one was the wiser. Silly people dancin on the floor. LOL.

1.) Meat Whipper

How could it get worse than that, might you ask? Ask Lefleur's little homeboy, which we are gonna call Le-pieu. Yea nigga, I just met you last week and you already made the blog. SMH.

So in case you couldn't get it from the screen shot texts, Le-Pieu was dancing at a house party with a big sweaty, precious looking wild hog. Not only that, he was suspending himself in the air with his legs on a kitchen Island while freaking this girl and eating cheese ITZ off her back. Next his drunk ass was freaking her with her ass up, face down in the refrigerator, smacking her butt with frozen meat while people sang "who want the meat?" At one point I believe he had a hand full of ground beef that he began putting on her back. Probably cooled her fat ass off. LOL. Oh yea, lets not forget, this was all done while Le-Pieu had a mouth full of frozen Waffles. Lil niggas be wildin'!!!!!

Word to Ryan Beheezy. LOL.

I'm out.

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