Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Straight (Gay) Dances: The Sexy Walk

So apparently n*ggas think that just because you're dancing while doing something, it makes it not gay.

Now mind you, I have nothing against's just, um.....whenever I see uber straight guys trying to act "hard" (Pause) while doing something blatantly homosexual it kinda makes me wanna chuckle and say "ummmm, son. Where they do that at?" (Don't worry, the coon-ness of Krump Dancing will be part 2 of this series of posts).

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Solja Boy dance which had us twistin and jumpin around like coons. Then there was the "Lean with it, Rock with it" which added the first questionable move into the mix...the finger snap. This was, up until this point, the gayest dance move since the Cry Baby.

It almost felt like you should be saying "haaaaaaay" while doing it. It was cool though, cause thug niggas was doin it too.

Two years later, this stuff called "Baltimore club music" came along which had black people of all walks of life dancing to pseudo techno music and sweating like it was the early 1990's Poison BBD days. Somewhere in between selin drugs and killing people, Philly & B-more cats found time to come up with the peculator. SMH.

Yes, my niggas. The Peculator. And they tried to pass it off as Gangsta...SMH.

Even Gringos can do it!

At least it didn't sound inherently If you never seen the thugs doing it, you wouldn't know.

Enter the newest New Jersey Dance Craze: The Sexy Walk. SMH. You know that's gonna look gay just from hearing the name. Best line of the night was from the DJ..."Oh yeah, Niggas be sexy walkin too". LMAO.

This second video is a little longer, about 10 minutes, but well worth the watch as it takes you into the "sexy walk Culture" diving into an in depth look at a "Sexy walk Party." Yes, you heard that right, a Sexy walk party. SMH.

I also want to give an honorable mention to the other New Jersey Dance Craze the "Patty Cake" for sounding just as gay. People often mix the two dances together, concocting a virtual Margarita of gay. Bet they even put a little sugar on the rim.SMH. LMAO.

That's all I got, but damn....I think thats enough for one day.

SMH (6th usage in this post....all justified.)

Now Walk it out.



C 4 said...

First off my nigga as the primary NappyHeaded Bmore Ambassador of this blog I denounce the absurdly ignorant and inaccurate insinuation that Baltimore Club music came along two years after the "lean wit it rock wit it" dance.

Baltimore Club has been around for decades and the Perculator is old as shit, I'm pretty sure I was like a freshman in high school when that came out. Other Bmore readers? '97? Anyway, I'm posting tomorrow to clear the air fully.

Rock said...

Timeline aside...Is it still not gay? And in all honesly, I'm referring to when "Non-baltimore niggas" came in contact with this type of shit in a widespread manner. As the Nappyheaded ambassador to all things hood I proclaim that until I'm "up on something", its not yet widespread.


Gavino Brown said...

First of all, who wrote this?
I have to back up C4 and state that I was grinding up on jawns at the cultural awareness dances held by my bleach-white, prep school since 1997 -along with C4 (we went to the same school). By that time The peculator was at least a decade old because my brother has been peculating since he was in high school and he is old as shit (36). Heʻs still peculating (the coffee is ready nigga, stop.)

Gavino Brown said...

Second, dancing is not gay. I know we come from a generation where dancing is frowned upon among black men, but Mase ainʻt playing on the radio no more. Neither is Ice Cube. The nigga makes family movies. The bitches are at the clubs dancing and leaving with the nigga they danced with. True there are some gay niggas dancing with their wrists all limp, but you donʻt have to dance in a broke-back manner. Many of the new dances including the sexy walk can be done without performing fallacio.

Gavino Brown said...

My tertiary comment is very important. Bitches; young bitches. The clubs are flush with young chicks who want to dance for two hours and then fuck in your PhillyCarShare Audi. I know you guys have broadened your perspectives, but I still get down for young jawns named LaShawnna or TeShay, and the young chicks want to see you D-Mac.
Did you know that when you smash a young undergrad jawn whoʻs still on her parentsʻ insurance plan, an abortion is just a $5 co-pay? Itʻs true. Their, um, muscles are tighter too. And these young jawns ignore the niggas leaning up on the wall lookinʻ cool with their blazers and their Ben Sherman button downs.

Gavino Brown said...

Niggas on youtube are gay though

Carl said...

LMAO @ Gavin, tell em why u mad son!!!

Epitome said...

How the fuck do you get a group of dudes to sign up to do some shit called the sexy toetap or whatever the hell itscalled is beyond me. I thought we left this choreographed sweat slinging line dancing mess in the house party 1-39. For shame. I have a son and I will punch him square in the mouth knocking out all of his teeth that I pay yearly to upkeep should I. Ever catch wind of him finger snapping, tutu twirling, and sprinkling glitter all over the place whilst attempting to maintain his heterosexuality. If you wanna dance like tinkerbell that's fine! Just put on some wings and suck a dack while you at it. To thine own self be true.