Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Showrocka P. Newton Presents...Steven Biko (Black is beautiful, Sometimes...)

Tako: P. Newton? Oh mannnnn. Don't go getting all preechy on us....Mr. Educated "BLACK" man.

Show: "Merely by describing yourself as black you have started on a road towards emancipation, you have committed yourself to fight against all forces that seek to use your blackness as a stamp that marks you out as a subservient being." That right there nigga? That's Steven Biko.

Tako: Oh boy, half assed self-consciousness. Where's your head scarf and African nigga sandals, Mr. Erica Badu?

Show: Chill fam. I'm just spreading this knowledge like your mama's sexy Japaneese legs. LOL.

Before drug dealing Larry Hoover founded the Gangsta Deciples , got in a shootout with police and ended up in jail and well before Tupac talked so much shit that someone eventually had to put a hot one in his ass (pause) we had real revolutionary heroes. Now this is not to say that those niggas were more gangsta, because quite frankly, Larry Hoover wouldve probably whooped Steven Biko's no edge-up having, Lavar Burton lookin ass... What I mean to stress, when saying that, is that back in the days, the so-called rebels were breaking laws because they were unjust and they stood for something, not just to have money for the new Jordans, or gain a gangsta reputation.

Tako: I'm following you. So far....

From an early age Steve Biko showed an interest in anti-Apartheid politics, meaning he was a vocal critic to South Africa's "Aparthied" political system which gave rights to White south African residents while stripping them from blacks. In addition to forming the South African Students Association / Black Consciousness movement, he coined the phrase which 1990's niggas used to put on T-shirts..."Black is beautiful."

Yes boys and gals, he coined the phrase "Black is Beautiful" only to have Lil Weezy and Co surface 20 years later and try to undo his cultural heritage by praising the almighty white girl, Puertorican and "Red Bone."

Wja3: This nigga Show can relate anything! I swear.

When I was listening to Wayne and Degrassi Drake's newest song I was nearly appaled by a line I heard which I fucking knew would have Steven Biko turning in his grave.

"Beautiful Black Girl, but I bet you she'd look better Red" --Weezy

Jaw drops. No homo.

Did that black ass, tattooed, Kazoo from the Flintstones, burnt California Raisin looking mutherfucka really say that? I mean damn, I like ricans and all and have no problem with the line from "Every girl" which starts with " I like a long haired, thick red bone." I mean, who doesn't? Plus its personal Preference. But to say that even a beautiful black girl would look better light skinned...nigga, that's slave mentality!!!

Man if Steven Biko was here, could you imagine how that conversation would go....

Weezy: I'msayinman, I justlike me a badlittlered one.

Biko: Excuse me. You're mumbling. What did you say...?

Weezy: (Sips Coedine)

Biko: So what is it that you find so attractive about these so called "Red Bones?"

Weezy: Im sayin like....

Show: Fuck your response toon. You're high anyway. I want to know everyone's response. Is it because that what we're shown in music videos? I mean, I personally just do want my kid to have fucked up hair. Is that wrong? Its not racist, I just have notty ass hair. No need cursing a child with that, unless they plan on getting dreads.

Tako: Hahahaha.

Show: I happen to prefer Rice and Beans to Chopped BBQ and greens, but its a cultural thing. I would never judge a girl on the basis of her complexion....accent maybe....ass size, definitely....but complexion? Hell nah!!!!!!

Tako: Get em!!!

That being said, I think we should all make sure to remember that the entertainers whom we admire and look up to are often more ignorant than they seem. More importantly, they are being brainwashed by the same reminants of post antebellum racism that we are, only THEY, being in a position to spread and desseminate thoughts and ideas to the massess SHOULD be speaking out against this type of stereotype instead of furthering it.

Weezy, yes you are my favorite rapper, however, if I see you I'll probably have to slap the slob outa your mouth (pause) on behalf of my Nigga Steven Biko.

Detained at 31 years of age, beaten unconcious and eventually surcumbing to police inflicted injuries, only to have all parties related be exonerated and his death considered self-infliceted, Steven Biko did not die so that You could run around chasing light skinned pussy exclusively Mr. Carter.

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."--S. Biko

Let's work on making sure that those oppressor's weapons are all out of ammunition.

It's time to give the Dark Skinned Girls some Dick too.

--Showrocka P. Newton


mandy ;) said...

probably my favorite post thus far....lovin it

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this right here needed to be said! This post right here tops my list of my favorites from Showrocka!

Daveonearth said...

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