Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rocka Vs. Rocka

I'm not a new man, nor am I a fundamentally changed man.

I am, however, a different person that the person I was 5-10 years ago as a result of maturity and life experiences, some of which involved strippers and threesomes, some of which did not.

This being said, it was not until August 30th 2010 that I actually realized that the person I am now is stuck living in a world where any female I chose to deal with brings along an Airport Security Screening bin full of emotional baggage. What does this have to do with Showrocka 2010, might you ask? It has everything to do with him, as I have finally realized that the damaged goods making their way to a one Mr. Rocka, were damaged by the person he used to be and the plethora of other Showrocka 2005's that are still out in the world.

See where I'm going with this?

How can I hate on the dudes I used to be like!!!?? Well, my friends, there is a simple answer to this question. I can't.

Womanizers, flirts, players, pimps, prettyboys and the your thing. I respect the playa-playa hierarchy as I was one positioned amongst its elite. If your six pack is more defined, your clothes fresher or your tattoos are more grandiose, then maybe you deserve've worked harder than I have and therefore deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work. You take the dime, I'll settle for a 8 and a half. To you, Mr. Showrocka 2005...I tip my hat. Well, C4 Tips his hat. Pause.

The Bros...Circa 2005.

How can I make such a statement without being upset, might you ask? It's because of 1 fact and 1 fact only. There are ni**as out there much worse than the players and flirt-a-holics. Women KNOW what they're getting themselves into in these cases and still choose to play with fire because the flame is so inviting. Those other niggas, however...the "I'm your ex, but I'm gonna act like I'm your Daddy/Husband/Need for therapy" niggas....they are the ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!!

There's nothing like listening to a girl talk about how much she hates her ex, or how bad she treats him only to hear "oh, yea, I talk to him on the phone everyday..sometimes twice."

This Being said, I don't care how many Showrocka 2005's are out there fu*king my ex girlfriends, I refuse to be that guy keeping her locked in "what she believes is" her own personal Hell, thereby not allowing her to move on. Love is love (Molo Voice), and love dies Hard (Hard in da Paint...Waka Voice). ..But you can't hang onto it forever. Fellas...I dont care how many Mani-Peds you bought her, or how busted she was until you upgraded her to a dimepiece...women are not investments. They're living, breathing, walking holders of tittes. JK. They're thinking human beings, and although they are 95% irrational, its their choice to do so.

...And you know exes be cuffin in the club.

That being said, let them make their own good or bad decisions and stop cuffin those bitches. Also, yall hoes arent off the hook either. Stop sharin Cellphone plans, meeting for dinner and drinks and givin those sucker ass, overly jealous and crazy dudes false hope. If you want to keep multiple dudes on standby, cool...just dont do it with your ex, or you will end up cuffed and complaining to a nigga like me who doesn't give a rats ass. Hahaha.

In the words of my Homie Eric from the USVI...

"If the Goat try leave, let go deh rope."

Good luck Showrocka 2005's...may you have a smashing good time. :) -No Homo.

Dueces Rocka 2005...

Welcome Rocka 2010.....

-Rocka Mutherfuckin Flizzzocka Beyyyatch.


Alovelydai said...

So are you tired of being a player or submitting to being outplayed?

Rock said...

I don't know Dai....good question.

Q Double said...

There's a difference between quitting while your ahead and actually quitting.

Time too be an adult and smash the girls out with good FICO scores.

khaki la'docker said...

and with the gayness of rocka 2010 comes the background of rain, mountains and gloomy clouds.

no comment on c4's hat.... nope, no comment