Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh the Places I've Peed (Pt. 1)

So this post has been in the Cache for a while, just because I never got around to verifying the details of each story from the perspective of each individual involved. Now I have...and now it's on. Bitches.

I don't know why the concept of urine is so frickin funny to me. I thought the R-Kelly thing was hilarious (Lord forgive me), I think golden shower videos are hilariously gross and I even sometimes like to try and drink 2 40's without a bathroom break just to see if I can break my own record of "longest consecutive Pee Time".

Tako: Wierdo.

So now, in the general realm of all things gross, I present to you Pt. 1 in a series of the funniest Pee stories as of late.

(Patented no homo smiley face.) Enjoy.

"Oh the places I've Peed"

Buc Dinero-Summer 10'

Setting: Restaurant / Bar

Location: NYC

So the day starts with me getting a text from Shanga which consists of nothing more than a picture of Buc Dinero in NYC, in front of a club, sleep in a trashcan. SMH.

When I asked how the night went I got this brief recap. "Yea we met up with this ho Buc knows from Boston and went out for drinks. Apparently she must not know how we roll. She was all dressed up and since we were in shorts and T's, she got mad cause she was trying to go to fancy restaurants. We were already faded so said fuck it and just went in anyway!!

Show: I see where this is going....

Next thing you know, Buc comes rushing out the back of the restaurant-Bar with two big dudes nudging him saying "I think you should leave too." The girl was in the bathroom so we ducked her and stuck her with the bill...Gangsta. She cussed us out the next day but who cares. She was whack.

Show: So what happened?

Buc: I was more faded than a double bitch and had to piss. So I walk downstairs looking for a bathroom but it was pitch black. I'm lookin, and lookin and eventually I'm like fuck it, I'll pee in this closet.

Show: Asshole.

Buc: Only problem is I hear someone saying "Hey, what are you doing" and then a light comes on and I see I'm pissing in the middle of the kitchen at a 5 star restaurant, with people all around me preppin food!!!!

It worked out well though, cause that uppity bitch got stuck with the tab.

And we're just getting warmed up with the piss stories.....

Happy Friday People. LOL.

--The Bros

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