Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Gucci Time!

So.....Shanga, Fish and I did the tunnel to the towers run and saw this girl running while holding a Louie Vuitton Bag.

I guess if you're from the upper west side you have to look the part. Smh. Her friend was running with a fanny pack gucci bag. Fail.

Shanga: Yeah, between her and the people running with 1,000 pound video cameras it made it a little difficult to run the course.

Show: Yeah well, at least the Matilda looking bitch we saw getting off the subway wasn't running in her ridiculous get up.

C4: Oh lord... And speaking of gucci's bags... I just found an ok'd picture of show when he had the BMW with the fugazzi gucci's seats...

Wja3: Oh hell no. How did this not make the Hogwash Tomfoolery scrap book?

Lefleur: That right there nigga? That's the definition of Coonin'.

Show: I was young!! And it was dope!!! Just like this!

Lefleur: Womp womp. You probably think dude with the Gucci tattoo looks cool...

Show: Oh my fuck! Where did you find that!!! I am in tears. Gucci should hire Him in corporate. Lol.

Lefleur: No they should not. Btw, this is a Nappyheaded PSA from which Showrocka is not exempt. There is never an excuse for bootlegged, excessive over-gucci. That is all.

- The Bros... Straight Clownin.


khaki la'docker said...

ok so i saw the pic last night but not on the blog. am i missing something???? that pic is gonna be my screensaver for a while

khaki la'docker said...

ok- the pics just showed up LMAO

those lil gucchay jordans LMAO