Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The road to Vick-tory

In an attempt to garner as many "Will Smith's" aka a Blog vote signifying that the readers think my post is "Corny", I offer you this.

My Philadelphia Eagles are 1-1...Thanks to Mike Vick, not Kevin Kolb.

All men who aren't from Philadelphia will hate on this because all men who are heterosexual like football and if you arent an Eagles fan, you should dislike this.

All doglovers will hate this because they act like Mike vick is the only person to ever harm a dog. How bout you go chase down that dude from this Weeks America's most wanted episode who was gassing beagles and hound dogs with carbon monoxide?

Cops: Convicted N.J. Arsonist Tries It Again

New Jersey State Police and the U.S. Marshals are on the hunt for John Schlump: A convicted arsonist who they say tried to kill his estranged wife by setting her house on fire. But she fought back, thwarting his alleged plans. Now Schlump's on the run, and cops need your help getting him behind bars.

There. I've done my good deed for the day.

Vick's paid his debt to society...quit bringin up old shit!

This one was just funny though....I couldnt resist. Sorry Vick.

Anyways....the moral of the story is, Mike Vick is back and I expect you all to hate on that. Mcnabb is looking better than ever (Fuck him and his gay yellow redskins pants), and we of championship breed (What up Chad) who don Eagle green are forced to ride with Kevin Kolb as our great white hope. Womp Womp. We'll still back him up, because thats what Philadelphia fans do. Is it wrong that we all are kinda hoping he has a career ending injury so we can put ol' boy Vick back in the game.


He's obviously a starting quarterback and last years not so stellar performance was obviously a result of...ummm....I dont know, maybe his BEING IN JAIL FOR 2 YEARS!!!!

I'm just sayin. Welcome to the Mike Vick Era.

Don't like it? Well here's a nice message from the Real Niggas of America Society.


Breaking News Update: This post was written on Monday, and as of Tuesday Night, The Eagles have named Mike Vick (No Vapor rub or Homo) as the starting QB. Yea Buddy. The Bros speak (albeit Subliminally) and people listen.

I cant wait for the Redskins game....Mcnabb Vs. Vick....Black on Black....fuck the soul bowl, let's call it "crime." LOL.

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