Friday, September 24, 2010

A Busted Condom: Blessing In Disguise?

Nope. Not the blessing.

Tako Tsou has had an epiphany he must share with all you Nappy Heads out there. It's so profound, I used my government AND referred to myself in the third person, so you know I ain't playin. Aight here it go.

So I'm smashing this FINE bitch the other night, admittedly riding without a helmet nahmean, and it got real good to your boy. Real good (you know where this is going). Now normally I pull out faster than Clint Eastwood's pistol in Dirty Harry, but this time I was too slow on the draw, and there was spillage in the village (and by village I mean pu-na-nayyyyy).

Now there's drama. "Oh shit, WTF" etc. coming from shorty and from me (for show, I wasn't that worried). Now we gotta get the morning after pill cuz I'm really not ready to bring any more racially mixed children into the world, mentally or financially.

So many emotions happening so fast.

"Shit did I get her pregnant?"

"Not again."

"Damn now I gotta drop $50 on that pill."

"I don't get paid til Thursday."


"How long is that shit good for?"

"Right, 72 hours."

(energy efficient idea!)

HOLD UP. I have 72 hours to stop the process of conception. That means I also have 72 hours to bust mad more nuts off in this bitch!!!!


So I marked the time and notated in my mental notepad Monday, 9/20/10, 10:07PM. Why? Cuz you can only get her pregnant once, that's why! If a kid's on the way, that lil nigga's on the way, so I might as well reintroduce as many unborn kids to each other outside the nutsac and inside the va-jay-jay. Fuck it! Have fun! Bone at least like 10 more times, and each and every time just go ahead and give her your all.

"We got 72hrs of heaven on the way, baby..."

It's like having her on birth control, but just temporarily. And let me tell you, it was the shit! I was hitting it with reckless abandon. I was busting all crazy like TAKA! FLAKA! TAKA! TAKA! FLAKA! TSOU! TSOU! TSOU! POW! POW! POW!

Then Thursday came, direct deposit went through, she took the pill (right after we got one more quickie in). I'm so sad now. I could've bought weed with that money.

I'm back to condoms, but if ever that condom should break, I'll know what to do.



Rock said...

And this is why I don't feel comfortable leaving Tako in charge. Funny shit.

Tak, stop using our SN's though... It f**ks up the count. Hit me on the hip though, your BM keeps hittin me lookin for you... The first one.

Q Double said...

This should be a PSA in video form!!!!

Yeah you can bust in her, but you know you can do that for the next 72hours?

mandy ;) said...

lmfao....its funny homegirl went right along with yea papi thats true u can cum in me all you want for the next this your boo????!!! lol