Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shelf Life For Women On The Scene

I realized something towards the end of a BBQ I briefly attended, hosted by Slope and attended also by WJA3.

See my man Slope, on top of being the most reckless nigga with money I know, is a staple of the buppy (black yuppy {young urban professional}) scene in NYC. Since my grad school stint I've lost touch with that crowd, spending two years in Boston amongst Caucasians and whatnot, but almost three years removed from partying amongst them I realized two things that struck me as worthy of this blog:

1. All the same dudes.
2. None of the same chicks.

Why was that? The venues remain the same. Branch, Canal Room, Strata they just renamed Crimson. The promoters are still Three Kings, K-OS and the like. I stroll through and dap up friendly faces I haven't seen in years, but knew would be there.

All same daps, all new hugs.

Other things are the same though:

The business / law firms these people work for remain constant, cuz they're the top ones in the country. You know, the ones who come to Ivy League campuses and recruit all the top black talent.

Tako: what about the ones who didn't go into business or law?

Show: They stayed they broke ass at home like C4 should.

C4: Fuck you and everybody in yo house.

There's a small minority of course split somewhere between medicine, education and the arts, but mostly yeah. Business/financial types and lawyers, who may or may not also be members of black frats and sororities.

But back to the point. As I was saying, take a couple years off and hop back in, same shit different party...except regarding the shorties.

It seems that the girls from when I first hit the scene five years ago are all gone, barring a few stragglers.

This leads me to believe that once again, women have been planning the whole time we men thought they weren't. Mostly because they have to and we don't. Because....

A 22 year-old man with money and a dope job differs from a 27 year-old man with money and a good job only in that second guy has stacked more cheese with time and/or blown more of his bread on liquor and bitches. Both guys are having a hell of a time partying though.

I'm gettin' money, bitch.

A woman in the same position is vastly different at 27 than at 22. By 27 she's thinking marriage, kids, stability. She has far less interest in hooking up with the same small pool of dudes found in the clubs who got something going on. Chances are her jump-off mileage is too high, or she's been burnt by one or more of these guys (figuratively speaking and VD-wise), or she just realizes the circular nature of the game, sees the writing on the wall and gracefully bows out. She's seen this movie before, back in college. She might have seen it with the same actors too (since many of us knew each other as undergrads anyway), except in different costumes. Jerseys and Greek letter shirts have been replaced with button-ups and business cards, but the politics remain the same.

WJA3: My father sat me down and said the following, which I lead off with in quote form.

"As a black man & as an Anderson, your mission is to lay that wood." - WJA2
Other things to keep in mind: Most women have the shelf life of organic skim milk. It is the nature of woman to annoy man thus women who aren't blood, very pleasant, or above average looking get jettisoned EARLY. Most women have set up limits on the amount of hook-ups they are willing to do before settling or at least slowing down. This is positive and negative. On the negative side, a dude can chat up a girl forever, and still have only a minuscule chance of getting the no strings attached smash. On the positive side, if you got in there before she turned prude, you mostly can get in there again with little to no work as long as you remain friendly and don't be an asshole about it because you don't increase her total numbers.

Once you get out of the social bubble that is college life, it is almost never cool to smash the homies.

Stop it, Mom. You smashed the homie. I'm moving to Miami.

Guys on the other hand, when that feeling of boredom starts to sink in, summer comes with a fresh crop of 22-year-old women who are just as impressed with their money and jobs as they used to be by upperclassmen, frat boys and athletes as freshmen in college. This not only invigorates the bread-blowers and rain-makers, but it reinforces their egos. At every level of education and finance, particularly at the top, black women greatly outnumber black men. With each new graduating class the ratio gets thrown off more and more. The guys know they're in high demand as viable partners for a successful black woman often resistant to dating outside the race, and they have a ball.

Show: Nowhere does a guy like me fit into these social settings. None of these snobby hoes is down for the hood/edgy, Ivy League, broke nigga. Are we just destined to marry successful white women?

We love you, Show Rocka!

Anyway.... So while the shelf life of a man with cash at the trendy clubs may be ten years or more, women should probably get out within five if they've got their head on straight and don't want to be labeled a party girl forever. Double standard? Of course. Unfair? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

-C4 & The Bros


LucyJuicy said...

ummm is this supposed to make us feel better somehow? this post had a touch of mushiness to it i dont normally see... I like it. lol :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true! Even for niggas that don't have as much guap but still blow a lot of bread for whatever reason. Helluva post! LeFleur!

The Imperial WJA3 said...

Most socially relevant post in forever, and it does no numbers. C4 should feel like Talib Kweli.

Rock said...

LMAO. It was a good post, but he can't be Kweli cause then I'd have to be most Def...and Mos Def doesnt have any Jewelry, therefore he's not Rap Relevant. I'd say we're like Chuck D and Flav, except I'm the Pre-reality show Flav...You know, the one who at first glance had the flashiness of a coon, but was actually socially aware. The new Flav actually is a coon.