Thursday, August 19, 2010

Much to Blog about nothing....

Show: I'm not hungover (though I should be.) I'm not in a particularly bad mood. I really just don't feel like getting all introspective and shit. I'm also in one of those moods where I feel like starting to tell a story, but know I wont wanna finish. Also, all my posts for today are screwed because you tube links are fucking up. Uggghk.

Me and Tako were talking the other day about life and the meaning of it, and women, and tits, and 40' know, the ususal...and came to an interesting realization. Now I know today's pseudo post was supposed to be about some Ice cream gangsta shit (pause), but to bring it to some completely unrelated shit, we have a bit of asshole advice for the blog viewership.

Think of the most beautiful woman (or man...pause) that you know...that's not a celebrity...I mean that you actually know.

Is their phone number saved in your phone? If not, you're letting life pass you by.

Show: She's in my phone and her name is ____________

Tako: "THEY" are in my phone saved and have been there for years.

C4: She's in my phone and lives with me.

Show & Tako: GAY!!!! You can't get pu**y points from your live in gf. Sucka.

WJA3: LOL. Yall are stupid, and yeah C4...that did sound soft as ice cream....

Just think about it though. If that girl isnt in your phone you better have a damn good reason. A good reason like, it's my man's wife or she gave my cousin AIDS or some shit like that....otherwise, you're wasting time while simeoultaneously being a be-yi-yitch.

Just my thoughts maaaaaaaaaaaaan. Let's get it.

-Show rocka aka the Black Kevin Costner.

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