Monday, August 2, 2010

Fugazzi Alert!!!

And today, Nappyheaded sleuths C4 and Show-Sho no H have scoured the depths of the Internet in search of the pitfalls into which ye ol so faithful budget ballers will inevitably fall. In the hotseat today...

Can we say Fugazzi Alert!!!! Now this isnt a post about chicks with fake coach bags, or as my boy Mack Dre would say "Assistant Coach" bags. Thats a whole different story for a different day. This is about the fellas who feel like they are better than the typical Nike or New balance wearer because they can rock funny colored bape shit or 350 dollar Prada sneakers...only problem is they can't afford the real stuff so they buy the Fugazi versions thinking "these broke niggas don't know the difference." Guess what? We do.

Contextual clues:

1.) If you are on the bus or at a bus stop, the 430 dollar louie belt is probably fake. Same goes for your girl's 1400 dollar louie bag.

2.) If the sneakers (for example, the Air Yeezys) came out in a limited release, cost more than 500 dollars AND you and your man both have a've been bamboozled.

Basically, I'm no sneakerhead or 19 year old concerned with the latest fashion, but lets be real. All buying counterfeit goods does is make you look a.) ridiculous and b.) look like you're trying way too hard. There are lots of design teams that get paid lots of money at NIKE to make decisions like "no, the Jordan XII's should not come in yellow and red. They will look like Ronald McDonald Shoes" or "Nah, we probably shouldn't put the face of the First Black President on the side of an airforce one despite the apparent irony."

Now, onto this site...SMH.

I don't even know if Louis Vuitton makes jeans....I do know if they did, they wouldn't look like this...and they wouldnt cost 75 dollars, 1/4 the cost of a small wallet and half the price of a louie keychain.

Gucci Jean Shorts???!! Really my dudes?Only Rick Ross would wear some bullshit like this. Peep the generic faded wash, the tell tale sign of all things fugazi. You are liable to see the same exact "wash" on 10 different pairs of fugazzi jeans, all of which are made "supposedly" by different brands.
Oh man. Kanye Shrug. I really wish, for hilarity's sake, that these Kanye nike's actually did come out in this color way...I mean, could you imagine the jokes? Sadly I must say though that no marketer in their right mind would put out these Men's sneakers. You couldn't sell these clown throw-up colored atrocities at a pride parade. lol and smh.

Stop it!!!! Stop it!!!!!

It's disgusting. Illlllk. Pusha T voice.

I'm sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. Now I'm no snitch, but I actually called up Ed Hardy Headquarters in Cali and reported a tattoo shop in New Haven that was selling fake Shirts and Jeans out of the shop. LOL. What? They shouldn't be bootleggin sh*t and shouldnt have fu*ked up my tattoo.

C4: You aint right....

Moral of the story.... "You aint got to lie to kick it" (Tupac voice.)

Be yourself, and stunt accordingly...aka in your price range.



Rock said...

Whoever called me corny rocks bootleg shit. LOL.

khaki la'docker said...

Bootleg shit makes me itch! Whats even worse is when folks buy a bootleg designer thats not even high end. They out here wasting money on a fake LRG tee shirt or fake Rocawear shorts.... :sigh:

P.S "my prada says prada and they prada says Fila"