Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buc Dinero and the deaf Chick

C4: Yep. All three of you are going to hell.

Wja3: 3!!!?

C4: Show and Tako for thinking the TS disclaimer allows them to say anything they want and Buc Dinero for just being plain reckless.

Tako: As you can see, Buc Dinero found himself a retarded bitch.

C4: Easy!!!

Show: What, it aint like he said it in braile. She can't hear his ass. LOL.

Wja3: Wrong in so many ways.

Tako: anyways....despite the fact that shorty can kinda get it (forgive me lord), I was do you end up in the situation where you're spitting game at a chick who's Deff'er than an old LL Cool J Tape?

Show: They can read lips good...I mean well.....whichever.

It happened to me once as a teenager. I met this bad Puertorican Chick, and no I'm not talking about the sexy deaf rican prostitute who works on ferry St by the Dairy King.

Tako: Dry snitchin!!!

Show: More like free promotion. So anyway, I'm at the arcade (I was like 13) spitting game in shorty's ear while she's smiling and gigglin. Next thing you know one of her 6 sisters comes and tells me the deal. Never one to back down from a challenge, I kept spitting and pulled the digits. Not sure how that wouldve worked had I called, but back then everybody didnt have a cell phone and its hard to call a land line and explain to someone's mom that you plan on giving teenaged facials and possibly making her already deaf daughter go blind. SMH.

So here's where it gets interesting. According to buc, our little light skinned foxy brown had a cell phone...and no the buttons werent all big and shit. LOL.

I guess this makes sense, since all we do in the year 2010 is text anyway.

Buc: She actually said to call her. I researched how this shit works.

So apparently you call and talk to a third party and they type her the message. This could make phone sex very difficult. Just think about if you wanted to tell her some freaky shit. You have to say it to a man, or a machine who relay's it to her. Booooooo! Now I'm not one for discriminating and I'm sure there are plenty of deaf girl perks (i.e. being able to talk to other girls on the phone while getting brains), but this is def a deaf girl con.

Guess its better than using sign language like a freakin caveman trying to get off.

We all know Tako and I would do it, just like we all know WJA3 and C4 (the Alphabet boys) will never admit that they'd do it....but what do yall think?

I know one thing's for sure...I bet her ass has verizon.

Can you hear me now?

Going to hell,

---Them TS Boys

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A2K-10 Virus said...

Yo why's ya man look like a wide mouth, fat version of LBJ yo?! Hahahaha

'I'm taking my talents to South Beach...Diet!'

In poor man versions

The A2K-10 Virus