Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black people, we need to stop this shit

I'm trying to watch Jerry springer but I hate leaving u blogless. Sidenote: just saw a commercial for that talkshowvthe Doctors where they test and dispell medical / health related myths. They are testing out a sperm facial. Seriously.

Anyways, i have to get some things off my chest. As the unoffical spokes person for all people of color I'm going to suggest we renounce the following actions.

1. Sellin dinners

We've gone over this on previous blogs. No need to rehash it. It's coonish, and who the fuck wants to eat some random niggas food. Imagine if white people did this? Exactly! There'd be cat hair all in the hummus. Illllk.

2. Wearing head scarves in public.

This is like them niggas who wear do-rags to get waves, yet never take the do-rag off so you can see the waves. You both look dumb.

3. Smokin black and milds

Make up your mind! You wanna smoke a cigarette or a cigar? Pick one. You probably like transexuals too... You nasty.

4.watching Tyler Perry movies

If you're gonna watch a dude dressed up like a chick at least watch a sexy one like rupaul...

C4: whoa nigga whoa!!!

Wja3: pause!!!!

Show: Tako slipped that in (pause) to try and be funny.

C4:'s what's under that wig show. Still want that 7 foot moo shu?? Lol

Tako: is he AIDSin'?

Show: that's not a legit term kid.

5. Jail shout outs.

Stop it!!!! On the radio? What do you gain from this other than broadcasting your love of a jail bird to the world. Sure he may hear it, but so what! He's also hearin about that dude from the club you smashed. Cut the shit and send ur man some clean drawers... And condoms, cause he's probably smashing as much as you. Ewwwwwww. Haha.

That's all I got.... Bitches.



mandy ;) said...

sperm facial...really where you hear this from

Epitome said...

Can we also stop:

1.) Jail poses in pictures...and taking pictures in the club in general.

2.) Blonde hair on black women...if you can pass the paperbag test then fine, you get a pass, anything beyond that looks foolish.

3.) Blaming the "white man"...seriously, the "white man" brought you that coogi on your back you dumb bitch.

I could go on an make it short, let's just stop all the niggadry that occurs. The End.