Friday, July 9, 2010

Wja3 & Show-Sho Talk Bron-Bron (No homo)

Show: Latina chicks dont really care too much about bball, unless its during All star weekend and they can get free drinks, club admission or di*k out of the deal, so let's keep this short and sweet.

Wja3: For those who have been living under a rock, arguably the best young player in the NBA, LeBron James as joined arguably the second best young player in the NBA, Dwayne Wade, and his sidekick dinosaur, Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat.

I’m from Queens, New York so of course I was hoping the LeBron would join the Knicks and help rebuild the franchise. He would have became a New York City legend and made an unimaginable amount of money. Obviously that wasn’t meant to be, but its all good.

Show: F**k bron bron for calling that long ass press conference like his decision was the inaugural address or something. Who's that dude think he is...Obama? Weezy? Waka Flocka? LOL. I'd rather him take the time to join the WWE. Or have a press conference to tell the world he's giving his entire salary for a year to the mother of Delonte West (the ex-teammate who banged his mom) in exchange for doing a Porn with everyone on the Miami heat basketball team.

Wja3: LOL. Anyways.....

Maybe we’ll get Melo next year.

Show: If his wanna be thug ass isnt in prison by then.

WJA3: OK, point proven. He had no business on the "Stop Snitchin" DVD during NBA season. We can agree on that.

Honestly the most up and up thing LeBron could have done was stay in his home town, and play his whole career in Cleveland. He probably would have never won a championship there, but he’d be loved and he would have given that beaten down city hope. It is estimated that downtown Cleveland will lose $200 million in annual revenue with the lost of LeBron. However, he screwed over his home town and decided to go to Miami.

Show: Boo hoo. Cleveland existed before this negro and will continue to so so afterwards. Dude is 25, you can't expect him not to go where the Spanish women in bikinis, power and money are. BET conditions us to do so.

On the surface this is an ok decision because even with a bench full of scrubs, their starting lineup should be enough to make them a championship contender. However, it is my belief that LeBron going to Miami has nothing to do with championships or frustration with losing in his hometown. My sources tell me that LeBron is going to Miami for one reason and one reason only: TOP NOTCH GROUPIE HOES, particularly of the PUERTO RICAN AND DOMINICANA types.

You suck LeBron. With this move, you’ll never be on the level of Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, or even Kobe Bryant. You are now the Robin to Dwayne Wade’s Batman! You’ll probably end up with more Spanish Mami Babymommas than championship rings!

However, I’d be a damn liar if I said I didn’t understand your decision. If I was 25 and filthy rich, I’d probably do the same thing. N-Words, don’t bother going to Miami for Memorial Day anymore. All the hoes are taken...

"We want come fu*k us. " LOL.

Let me re-phrase that...all the hoes AND groupies will be taken...especially when Weezy gets out.

--SHOWJA3 the Blogness OG

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