Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Should I Run To: The Most Reckless Post Ever

So Show's thinking of taking a 1 year hiatus aka quitting so what that means is more Tako bitches!!!! What better way to celebrate me potentially becoming the new Blog ness monsta then by being reckless!!!

C4: Slow ya roll Jr. We all know who's next in line. Heir to the Dual throne, and that would be WJA3.

Wja3: Anyways, what you got on deck Tak.

Well, just because Tiny is ugly and she was in that group Xscape (who had a song by that name), I'm gonna call this post "Who should i Run to?"

Show: Gay.

Just wait big homie. This is worse than pin numbers. I'm using names. LOL. Good thing my girls don't read the blog...although some of them are friends with Show's girls.

Show: Oh lord. Get em Tak!

Tako Presents...Who should I run to?

Being a good looking, single, mixed breed fellow with good hair, it would be a fair assumption to say I get a lot of bi*ches. A whole lot. Though, I will probably get a lot less after this. No worries, the ones I will get will at least have a sense of humor. LOL.

Ok, so here's my dilemma. Between clownin Showrock, working on my album and blogging, I dont really have time for all the women in my life. That being said (showrock phrase of the meat hop), I have to selectively dole out my time. Its not about how many bit*hes I can smash in one day...its about which chick I feel like on which day. This whole line of thinking, I have recently discovered, is a bit unfair and selfish. My own carnal desires should not be the sole deciding factor in dictating whose heart and vagina strings I shall play with each day. It needs to be deeper.

That being said....I'm gonna let the blog decide.

Read the descriptions and decide who I should F**k tonight. If you recognize a name, please dont blow up my spot. P.S. it's not libel or slander if its just makes it fucked up.

Natasha Diaz:

This shorty is bad and gives me no trouble at all. She's actually a nice human being, but who cares about all that. Lets get to the good part. Shes about a buck 60, 6 feet and striking. Shes healthy, but not fat. Not really thick either, but the thighs are nice and shapely and there's just something about the weight of a 6 ft girl that makes you forget about the thickness factor. I think shes Venezuelan...B cup. Oh yea, here's the kicker...shes 18. Can't take her out to the bar. Could this be an OJ Simpson? You know a "Pro" and a "Con" . LOL. Chuckle Chuckle.

Paris Aherns:
This little chocolate thang is a bit older than Diaz, but....actually lets not lie...shes not a little chocolate thing at all. She's wide as a football field....a sexy football field (no homo.) You know what makes this exceptional other than a bright smile, charming conversation and the occasional free drinks? F Cup Boobs!!!!! She's on some Sheyla Hershey shit!!! She has a gorgeous face and dresses "appropriately". I dont even mind being with her fat ass in public cause shes so pretty. Plenty to grab hold of. Good nana. With her on top i feel like I get a good workout...f**k a gym. LOL.

Paula Enriquez:

La Mexicana. Everyone needs a psyco chick on the roster. She finds other girls hairs in the trashcan and spazzes out....reads my facebook status (good luck finding me on FB, im selectively Khaki) and spazzes...she goes through my phone...and spazzes!!! Who cares though. She's model hot, doesn't own a pair of sneakers or jeans and is about a buck ten with shapely B's. Crazy or not she gives the best top in America (Im convinced) and has almost made me crash the Benz....almost. The yum yum tastes like bubblegum and even though i know I have to do a thorough apartment search for incriminating evidence prior, turn off my phone and computer, AND still get spazzed on...I think its worth it. P.S. She lets me hit it raw dog...but dont worry, we get tested.

Theresa Delmonte:

I swear this girl has a secret man or something. She stays dippin out. I could really care less though. I think I like her because she's so elusive. I've only smashed like once or twice so I'm not bored or accustomed to her. I do know that her blonde ass is badder than a Bebe's kid. Thick as the BP oil spill and has a child old enough to watch herself. Sheeeeeeeiiiit. I just put yo gabba gabba on in the other room and its on! LOL.

And there you have it. I never want to hear you say that I don't "put my lifetime in between the {computer screen's} lines" (Prodigy Voice.)

Im really soliciting your help. Let me know. Who should I run to!!!!!!

--Taka Flocka Flame Bitch.


MW said...

Take a drinking-age one, first and foremost, and get a bit of a booze on.

This is multi-tasking: not only do you add some social lubricant (astroglide-tinis) and make your eventual intercourse that much more readily-accessible, but you also get the chance to spy out some new talent for your growing harem.

Always be looking. Recruit for your team until it becomes unmanageable, then drop the second-stringers.

The chunky chocolate seems to be a good fuck, huh? Who needs decent human beings when you can have Olympic-quality workout sex.

My 2¢.

Piph said...

Paula Enriquez... I mean if she THAT good, then why not? lol I'm just saying

mandy ;) said...
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Rock said...

I know these girls too. Paula's the baddest, but If I know Taka Flacka, he's gonna end up with Theresa....he never makes it easy for himself. Also, fu*kin with Paula's liable to get him killed.

mandy ;) said...

chunky chocolate on the strength that im chunky although not chocolate more caramel enough about me....go with the her!!! lol and show porqueeeeeeeeeeeee!! y u leavin???

t said...

Man reading this makes me wish I didn't get out the game! How can I tell crazy ass stories like this if I'm auditioning for husband material?!?

Anyways, I can't make a recommendation w/o a pic or a comparison to a real life chick. If Paula looks anything like Turtle's new chick (Entourage), I say pick her in a land slide b/c she'd get her ass eaten out mid BM!

In temporarily suspending my nigrocabulary for this thing called an mcat

The A2K-10 Virus
Aka Total's #37 fan

khaki la'docker said...

hella late but... I wouldve chosen the big chick. Im sure the followup post wouldve been hilarious!

s/n- am i really that hard to find on Facebook???

Anonymous said...

My choice for you would have been Mama Pimp, aka goldielocks. She look like she could rock your world.