Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tako's Nappyheaded News: Mama Pimp

Tako's Nappyheaded News

I mean I know I'm Japanese and shit, but even as a youngsta my mom dukes used to tell me the story of that ho Goldie locks and the three bears. All I remember is goldielocks sippin porage (I'm sure that helped her with her future Adult film career) and the three bears being gone while she ransacked their kitchen (Criminal trespassing and borderline crackhead behavior.) Should've called her Frankie-locks...LOL.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that there was a baby bear, papa bear (pause) and a mama bear. There was no mama pimp! Guess what though? This is 2010 and even old hoes are gettin it poppin. Check the article.

Mama Pimp

A 73-year-old woman admitted today to pimping in New Jersey today after being squealed on her own son.

C4: Snitchin ass ninja!!!!

Tecora Brown, pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution between April 2000 and December 2004 in Jersey City Superior Court on Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors asked for probation of one to five years for Brown.

Show: Tecora? See what happens when you don't have a "resume approved" name.

Brown's son, Allen E. Brown, aka "Prince," 48, pleaded guilty pleaded guilty to first-degree racketeering and second-degree theft by extortion on April 1 in Superior Court. The state has recommended that he receive 20 years in prison.

Prince's plea required him to implicate his mother, who owned the Society Hill home he ran his prostitution ring out of. The son reportedly lured desperate girls into his web of sex for money with promises of "the good life" then forced them into prostitution.

Wja3: Not sure how one gets "forced into" the life so much as it is a particularly desolate persons decision, which thereby hurls them into a vicious cycle of indebtedness and despair. I'm just saying.

Tako: Too many school words in that sentence for me.

Show: Nigga you went to an Ivy league school, cut the "Badboy " act (no Diddy.)
The prostitution ring also included a niece and a nephew of Tecora Brown, authorities said.

Nevertheless, I think all we nappyheadedbros can agree that the problem here lies not in the vice crime of prostitution, which has been proclaimed the "oldest profession," but in the one deplorable act to which we all cannot turn a blind eye to.

Snitchin on yo mama!!!

Does a man not have a code? Is there no longer honor amongst thieves. Damn. I'm at a loss for words. I hope somebody R-kellys his face in Jail.

Show: Would you snitch on your mom if you got to Smash Amber rose as a result....

Tako: Oh, thats different....

Show: Answer the question. LOL.

Tako: Fu*k yea. I aint really like that Asian ho anyway....too strict...and always makin us eat rice with no beans.

WJA3: Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. You are a dick.

Show: Jersey Shore Season 2 on tonight at 10:00. Yeaaa Boiii.

C4: Gay.

Show: I just want to see Snooka flocka Flame.

C4: Stop. We are finished.

-Tako ho!

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