Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tako presents...NEGRO PLEASE!!!!! Pt. 1 (Wyclef for President)

With the exception of Pras, the fugees is the most lyrically untalented group of Emcees since Nelly tried to pass off that awful concoction known as the St. Lunatics as an actual rap group.


Pras has always sucked and the fugees were still dope. Don't get mad pras, you just suffer from "Vinnie from Naughty by Nature Syndrome." The sum = greater than the parts of the whole. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Unfortunately for this Grammy winning group, the personal trials and tribulations of the actually famous band members led to the demise of the supergroup +1. Wyclef turned all root reggae Haitian rebel activist bob Marley imitator and Lauren hill....well, that bi*ch went rasta and crazy.

Too much Purple Hayzona.

But f**k all that. Lauren has a dope new song and Wyclef, well....he's just lost his god damned mind. Oh yea, a friend of mine and good friend of Pras has informed me that he has just finished a documentary where he lived undercover as a homeless man on Skid row for a few months and is recovering from a brief episode of being shot at by Somali Pirates he was trying to catch. I shit you not. Google it.

See below: New Lauren Song...then Back to Clef'.

The Actual Unbelievable News Headline.

Several reports made this week have revealed that musician/philanthropist Wyclef Jean may possibly be considering running for president in his native country of Haiti.

Show: You go Clef!!!! So what if you stole a bunch of money through YELE and used it to trick on Hoes. Clinton did it. Kinda. The presidential posters would be dope.

Wja3: Skerrrrrrrrt ! If you've ever looked like this, you will not be president.

Wja3: Sorry Show, Sorry Weezy. Suit or not, it aint happening.

Throughout his career Wyclef has worked on raising awareness of various issues in Haiti. He became one of Haiti's strongest supporters following the earthquake that struck the country earlier this year.

While Wyclef did recently share with CNN that he has filled out all the paperwork required to enter the presidential race, a statement made by Yele Haiti revealed that Wyclef has yet to make a decision on whether or not he will run.

Wyclef’s commitment to his homeland and its youth is boundless, and he will remain its greatest supporter regardless of whether he is part of the government moving forward,” read a statement made by Wyclef’s organization, Yele Haiti. “At this time, Wyclef Jean has not announced his intent to run for Haitian president.”

Wyclef has yet to respond publicly to reports of his possible presidential run. The deadline for candidates to declare themselves in the presidential race is August 7.

C4: I say as long as you are white people friendly (aka sanz dread locks) and can cry like this when the earthquake is at its most poppin'-est point (don't judge my vernacular)....

C4: Well then, my ninja..... Anything's possible.

Tako: Good luck my dude. Pause.

Wja3: SMH at unnecessary pause.

Show: You should have said SMHP. Shaking my "head" Pause. You never know who's listening.

Wja3: I hate you.


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