Thursday, July 1, 2010

She's not even Latina

So I was Bloggin right......

Then I stopped to write a Resume Cover Letter (Don't Judge me)....

And then I read Khaki's Blog, and thought....DEAD.

Shit was so funny that I'm not even gonna post my shit today...I'm just gonna link to hers.

Not all Baltimore Chicks are Stupid or on Heroin, or have AIDS

Fellas, She's fine as a mo'fo too...But I'm not hookin her up with any of yall cause I'm a giant cock block. Suck on that you bi*ch a$$ Tricks.

Also, can somebody teach me how to Dougie? Lol.

Nah, true story though. I'm embarrased that I'm so black I can do the Solja Boy, Chicken Noodle Soup and even write down instructions for cooking up dope yet can't do the Electric Slide or the booty call. SMH.

Somebody help me.

There. I've admitted it. It's quite embarassing at weddings.

Read Khaki's Sh*t!!!! And it's not because I want to f**k her. She's not even Latina. LOL.


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