Thursday, July 15, 2010

OOOOOOh, Your mama was Clubbin!!!!

Shouts to my Girl Miss Fitzgerald out in AZ for passing on this link.

Classic, timeless. Nuff said.

Actually, I have to say a bit more. It's all fun and games until someone catches yo mama in the club. Ok, that is all. Live, Laugh, revel.

OOOOOOh, Your mama was Clubbin!!!!

Your mama dont got no panties on...on the dance floor. Ewww.

Superman that (Old) Ho!!!! Solja Boy Tell em voice.

I sag, I surf.....I sag, I surf...... Come on son!! You didnt get that reference? OK, then watch this.

Tako: Ooooooh child. That bi*ch look like Ben Vareen.
Show: Nah son, Harry Belefonte mixed with a puppet.

White people, you are not exempt. There's just not as many photographers in Karaoke bars.
Show: I like the Carmen Cougar Electra in the middle.
C4: Fool.

Marilyn mon-hoe...with random nigga in hoodie. Looks like a space suit. Remember Homeboys in outer space?
Tako: He looks like a sperm.
Show: And a douche. Guess he's a Transvestite. LOL.

Not even acceptable in a strip club. I feel sorry for your mama (Menace II Society Voice).

Tako: She can kinda get it.

Show: Not OK to be wearing that to a boat party. Seriously? a swimsuit? You gonna jump off the cruise tipsy in the ocean at night? Didnt think so. You don't wear shoulder pads to a football game do you? LOL. I rest my case.

Show: P.S. I'd give her the Deacon.

C4: ?????

Tako: The "Deek" in her mouth. LOL. Church.

Wja3: Idiots.

Wja3: VIng Rames, Holiday Heart!!!! Google it!

Show: Is that Frankie?

--Your mama's favorite Bloggers


James said...

Oh this one is just wrong! Not bad wrong, but funny-as-hell-it-ain't-my-momma wrong!!!!! Oh yeah, I feel you on the Carmen Cougar Electra! She alright!

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

I'm mad ol' girl had her hands up like she ain't feel a cool breeze on her sagging titties. I wish my mama would....