Monday, July 19, 2010

OK, so maybe they got me.....

This is a conversation between two of my "friends" (no homo) in its complete, unaltered and unedited form. I thought it was hilarious and since everyone thinks I don't ever blog myself, I figured I'd post this. Keep in mind, my friends are dick heads.

Mr. Daniels: U gonna starve
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao...fuck you.
Low Carb Diet: This diet is dope
Mr. Daniels: Male chickenhead
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao...lmfao....lmfao....lmfao...lmfao....lmfao....lmfao
Low Carb Diet: That shit is fucking hilarious.
Low Carb Diet: Fuck you nnniiigggaaaaa (stankmeanor voice)
Mr. Daniels: Lmao
Mr. Daniels: What kinda food we get tonight??
Low Carb Diet: There's a menu of shit to pick from.
Mr. Daniels: Aight
Mr. Daniels: Pussy on the menu??
Mr. Daniels: I'm sayin...
Mr. Daniels: U gotta eat too
Mr. Daniels: Lol
Low Carb Diet: converting to a vagonaterian too?
Mr. Daniels: Lmao
Mr. Daniels: I plead the FIF
Low Carb Diet: :'( =)). Male chickenhead #2
Mr. Daniels: Lmfaoooooooooooooo
Low Carb Diet: :'( =))
Mr. Daniels: Haaaaa
Mr. Daniels: After party at ap crib??
Low Carb Diet: Maybe at my spot? AP out of town
Mr. Daniels: Fuck he at now
Low Carb Diet: running a race in mass tomorrow. He staying out there.
Mr. Daniels: Truuuu
Mr. Daniels: Runnin ass nigga

Mr. Daniels: Scared ass nigga lol
Low Carb Diet: Hell yea. black gump
Low Carb Diet: He has the permanent cops chasing him
Low Carb Diet: Lol
Mr. Daniels: This nigga an I've league racin rapper-thug
Mr. Daniels: Ivy*
Mr. Daniels: Haaaaaaaaaaaa
Low Carb Diet: A trapper-racer-study a-holic
Low Carb Diet: Imagine that song by gucci. Lmfao
Mr. Daniels: Omfgggggggggg
Mr. Daniels: "He gone lay u downnnn, but imma read it up yupp. Imma read it up"
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao...lmfao...ima read it up
Mr. Daniels: Yuppp
Low Carb Diet: Yo I'm at work in tears
Mr. Daniels: Lol
Low Carb Diet: I'm read it up! Lmao
Mr. Daniels: Girls like races. Lose one next two weeks one comin
Mr. Daniels: Lmaooo
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao..nigga are killing him right now
Mr. Daniels: Lmaoo
Low Carb Diet: I go hard in the muthafucking race nigga. (waka flocka voice)
Mr. Daniels: Lmaoooooooooo
Mr. Daniels: Yeahhhhh o leh read it. Book racin music. I influence
Low Carb Diet: Lmaaaaaaaoooooooo
Low Carb Diet: teach me how to study, teach ,teach me how to study. Lmfao
Mr. Daniels: Quarter book, half a book. Whole book aaye. Ap n gucci mane make the trap RACE

Mr. Daniels: Haaaaaaaaaa
Mr. Daniels: Teach me teach me how to study
Mr. Daniels: Imma shit myself
Low Carb Diet: Hahahahaha...yo I'm at work going sick right now.
Low Carb Diet: I am literally laughing out loud
Mr. Daniels: Me too
Mr. Daniels: My daughter said "daddy u laughin at me?"
Low Carb Diet: Hahahahahahaha
Low Carb Diet: All I do is read read read read read. put your books up,.......and they stay there. And they stay there.
Mr. Daniels: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mr. Daniels: Spanish, math or history. Spanish math or history
Mr. Daniels: Boyyyyyyyyy
Mr. Daniels: Aaye

Low Carb Diet: I said wait! Stop the party, I don't want to race nobody.
Low Carb Diet: his the hoood he could never come back
Mr. Daniels: Lmfaoooooooo
Mr. Daniels: Read em up
Mr. Daniels: Read em read em up
Mr. Daniels: "Bookmarks, u know they in there"
Low Carb Diet: hahahahahahaha
Low Carb Diet: bookmarks...lmfao
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao
Mr. Daniels: Haaaaaaaa
Low Carb Diet: Who him? He dressing funny,......ivy league nigga not a dummmy
Low Carb Diet: Read em em read em up
Mr. Daniels: "Hell nah ho u know this Aristotle" trick daddy voice

Low Carb Diet: Hahahahahahahaha...omg...nigga are going sick right now
Mr. Daniels: Lmaooo
Mr. Daniels: Me tooo
Mr. Daniels: Uh huh
Mr. Daniels: Ok
Mr. Daniels: What's up
Mr. Daniels: Read up
Low Carb Diet: Lol
Low Carb Diet: I'm a read the biggest book that you seen thus far, I'm a read the biggest book that you seen thus far
Mr. Daniels: Lmfaoooooo
Low Carb Diet: Gotta fresh new pen, fresh new ink bout to have this book report on smash.
Mr. Daniels: Omfggggggg
Low Carb Diet: and got 454 pages to go, read 125 with the last
Mr. Daniels: All I do is read read read no matter what
Mr. Daniels: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mr. Daniels: I almost crashed thinkin bout that
Low Carb Diet: Lmfao
Low Carb Diet: I saved all the songs. This is a classic!
Mr. Daniels: Lmao

Yall niggas really didn't have nothin better to do huh? Im kinda feelin some type of way. Its aiight though. I'm makin Diss Mp3's about niggas now. I know my dude Tako got may back. This means war you porch monkeys. LOL.


Anonymous said...

This is the best post since C4's post about women vs. cars. LeFleur is in tears.

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MW said...

1 conversation.
19 LMFAOs.
8 LMAOs.
6 LOLs.
6 variants of Haha.
0 ROFLs.

I am glad you all kept your wits about you and didn't roll on the floor mid-chat.