Thursday, July 8, 2010

Im intelligent enough to know I want a dumb b**ch.


The title pretty much sums it all up.

Now I was gonna take the day off from Blogging just because I logged into my Facebook and saw that Waka Flocka Flame's status simply said "Flocka" and 1,294 people liked it...375 of whom commented.

I blog everyday and work hard (Flocka "hard in the paint" voice) for my 2-3 hundred hits. All this nigga gotta do is say "Flocka." Sounds like a Flock of bullshit.

Tako: Hot 93.7 tell em why you mad son. LOL.

Anyways, I'm also working on some hot shit for Friday, an ether post if I do say so myself.
Now...back to the dumb bitches.

I hate to use the B word but there's no other way to describe these women who I'm just realizing I love. Ok, here goes.

Im intelligent enough to know I want a dumb b**ch.

The dumb bitch I'm talking about could be you. It could be the girl who wakes up every Saturday at 5am and makes a 3 hour drive to see her man behind bars... It could be the girl who stays in the house when her friends are out clubbing shaking their butts, even though she know her man is a good dude who, more often than not, tricks on other hoes.

To you all, this dumb b**ch is a throwback to the days when women were subservient property of Men, forced to keep silent and endure hardship.

C4: you just want a dumb bi*ch so you can cheat on her.

Tako: You can just as easily cheat on a smart bi*ch.

Show: Church.

Wja3: Yall say bi*ch too much.

Show: Bitch...Just for good measure.

So why go for the dumb bitch, might you ask? Is it the loyalty? Is it the ability to run free and sow your royal oats (coming to America voice)? Nah son. It's because the dumb bi*ch is the most intelligent woman you'll ever meet.

Chickennuggethead Girl: She's wasting her youth, chasin after some no good, jailbird , cheating dog!!!

Show: Does your babydaddy give you anything other than dick? Ok, Shut up.

The same people who see her as wasting her youth are the same muthafu**as that say "why save for the future, you only live once." Sure, have your fun...but know that you're gonna be older, way longer than you're gonna be younger (Sheek Luch Voice).

This being said, the girl who you think is the dumb bi*ch is actually intelligent. She realizes that men are animals just like any other species and that they will often be tempted to roam...she also realizes that in the grand scheme of things, none of this will matter 10 years from now. What will matter is that she's found a good one who treats her right and will remember how she stuck by him through thick and thin. She didn't just bounce.

Sure she cussed him out, she's supposed to do that. In the end though, she was always there.

So while yall birdbrains are out there suckin, fuckin, smoking weed, gettin AIDS and living in 1bedroom apartments with your man and his kids from another baby moms, shes at home handling Business...workin on her Karma 401K.

Yep. The dumb bi*ch don't have time for yall cause shes off being intelligent.

You're mad now huh? Remembering how much your life sucks? Thats cause I'M TALKING TO YOU!

Go ahead and get your snippity, uppity college girls, lawyers and bougie bi*ches who think the world owes them something. Me, I'll just keep it hood. Somebody get me a dumb bi*ch and a Fruit punch Soda.



khaki la'docker said...

o_O who fucked and ducked you, 'poprocks'?

Rock said...

LOL. Nobody at all dress-slacks. You know me, I'm cool as a polar bear's toenails in crocs mid december in Nova Scotia.

Thanks for asking. You could've just called. LOL. I wont go there and open that can of worms.


Did i sound Angry?