Friday, July 16, 2010

Fu*k you Weezy, a Msg from all real Ni**as in Jail.

Now I love weezy and all, PAUSE, but this shit right here is ridiculous.

I know a handful of Correctional Officers (CO's) as well as my Cousin Loosie Man who is a State trooper. Did you know that State troopers have to respond to all jailhouse rapes, fights, etc. and do paperwork because it's State owned property? Anyways...all of these ninjas, I'm sure, will tell you the same thing. JAIL IS NOT LIKE OZ, and it JAIL FOR YOU does not = JAIL EXPERIENCE FOR LIL WEEZY.

These words are straight from the pierced, codeine drenched Lips of the 5 ft 5 rap martian:

"I wake up around 11AM,” he wrote. "Have some coffee. Call my kids, and my wonderful mother. I then shower up. Read fan mail. Have lunch. Back on the phone. Read a book or write some thoughts down. Have dinner. Phone. Pushups. Then I listen to ESPN on the radio. Read the bible, then sleep. That’s my day."

WTF!!!! That's less stressful than my day. This nigga sound like a teenage girl, layin on his stomach with his feet in the air twisting around the telephone cord.
Weezy in jail on phone =

You in jail on phone =

I bet you Gucci's bid wasn't like that.

Wja3: I bet it was. I also bet that he was eating well too. He came out of jail looking 6 months preggers.

Anyways, shouts out to everybody in jail who cant read this....(What? It helps my street credibility. LOL.) I was thinking about my dudes (NO HOMO) last week, writing Pito and Holly in the bing. Pito should be out in a few yrs, Holly will be out by January and Gbo....I'm not even writin that nigga, he got a cool 45 years. Lesson?: If the plea they offer you is like 9 years...(or 15, or whatever it was) you did some serious shit and SHOULD NOT take it to trial with a public defender. SMH. Hold ya head...and the soap.

Moral of the story was, however, that Jail is real. I have no plans on going any time soon. And now, for my favorite jail related Oh emmm Geee quotes.

"I feel like this will be a little vacation. Like a 5 year vacation. I'm looking forward to it actually, I never really got to take a real vacation" --Prodigy from Mobb Deep.

"A convicted killer has boasted on Facebook that being in jail is like being on holiday.
Ashley Graham even put up a picture of himself on the social networking website ‘relaxing’ in his cell. The 27-year-old is serving life at HMP Lindholme in South Yorkshire for stabbing a man through the heart. But he manages to access Facebook every day by using a mobile phone that was smuggled in to the jail. The killer's boasts are likely to reignite claims that prisoners enjoy an easy life in Britain's jails." --The Daily Mail Reporter UK

"He raped me in the mouth. Well no he never physically made me do it...huh? No, he didnt say I had to...but the way he looked at me. He looked like if I didnt do it, he was going to hurt me. I have a wife and kids." --Inmate pressing "rape" charges upon release from jail (after 4 years of slobbin knob.)

"I know this bid aint shit for you. Remember you said you like jail? You get to meet up with all your peoples, lift weights and play cards all day." ---Trip dip talking to our boy Holly

"I was blowin my celly's back out last night, but not on no homo shit. You know, niggas gotta survive." --Convo overheard by CO

Tako: Helllllllll Naw. You cannot say "I was fucking a man doggystyle" and then say "but not on no homo shit." I understand rape is a power tool (no Black and Decker) in Jail...however, if you get hard looking at another man, you are three things. G-A-Y. That is all.

That's all I got. Go to jail thinking you gonna get ESPN radio and an Ipod like weezy. Sheeeeeeit, if he wasnt in PC somebody would be saying "yea, i was smashin weezy all crazy last night. No homo."

Live, Love, Life on the outside....

-Show-Sho no Incarcero


Alovelydai said...

That picture makes me feel dirty. Me no likey. Off to shower now.

Epiphany said...

wow... this is sick